Like Father, Like Son (DCU)

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Fandom: DCU
Rating: G
Word Count: 316
Characters: Bianca, Alberto, Jaime and Milagro
Summary: The most awesome, adorable family to ever be in comics.

Bianca knew exactly where she’d find her husband- sitting next to Jaime’s crib, holding their little baby in his arms. She watched the way his attentive eyes never left his son’s face, the gentleness of his thumb against a tiny cheek, how he wanted to will and love the sickness away. Bianca crept up quietly, her hands sliding over Alberto’s shoulders.

“It’s just a little cold,” she whispered to him, “he’ll be fine. You holding him all night won’t make it go away any faster.”

Jaime gave the tiniest of coughs, snuggling deeper in Alberto’s arms. “I know,” he said, never once looking away. “But I can still hope it will.”

Bianca couldn’t help falling in love all over again. “You silly, wonderful man.” She kissed his cheek, then rested her head on his shoulder, leaning comfortably against the chair. They both watched and held their son all night.


Even now Bianca still teased him about it, but Alberto just couldn’t help himself. As his wife washed the dishes, he crept into their bedroom where Milagro’s crib was. She wasn’t inside, however- she was in Jaime’s arms as the boy held her, legs swinging idly as he sat nearby.

“Mijo,” he said quietly, moving to the chair, “you’re supposed to be in bed.”

Jaime looked up with large, dark eyes, “Mom said you used to hold me when I was sick until I got better. So if I hold Milagro, she get better too.”

Alberto couldn’t stop the proud, loving smile as he looked at his wonderful son. “Alright,” he said, picking up Jaime, then setting both children down on his lap, “we’ll both hold her, then.” Jaime nestled against his father’s chest and Milagro slept peacefully on.

Bianca smiled at the baby monitor at her elbow. Then, when the last of the dishes were put in the drying rack, went to join her family.