This pisses me off

So when i work i read the paper. I stumbke across an article titled “UCP leadership candidate calls for big minimum wage rollback on Alberta”

I go “okay what”

Basically UCP (United Conservative Party) leader candidate Doug Schweitzer wants to deny the 15 min wage the NDP promised for 2019 amd keep it at 12.20


“We need to make Alberta the most competitive business environment in Canada and repel the NDP’s $15/hour minimum wage- it is out of touch and just isn’t going to work for Alberta,” said Schweitzer, a Calgary lawyer. (DIRECT QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE)

Like honestly most people work like 30 hours a week if they’re lucky at one job. On the new wage NDP promised, that’s $450/week, roughly $1800/month, and $23400/52 weeks (roughly 1 year)

Now, what does $12.20/hour give us? $366/week, $1464/month, and $19032/52 weeks (roughly 1 year). That is an overall difference of $84/week, $336/week, and a total difference of $4368/52 weeks.

Look at all that money that could really fucking help people out!!!!!

I am so mad at this asshole!!!!

And now a word from the Sven himself.

I honestly had pretty much given up hope… well, never had any, that I would live in anything but a Progressive Conservative province for as long as I remained in Alberta. It was a permanent thing, it was never going to change. Ask anyone, anywhere? It was a fact of life. Alberta was Conservative. For now, for forever.

And then out of nowhere in the past two weeks (and it was building for a while but even we didn’t really ken on until it actually hit), there was this constant murmuring. All these polls. The NDP is rising. The NDP is polling good. The NDP is polling at double the rate of any other party. The NDP is projected to win. Jim Prentice has alienated the entire province at once.

I never expected something like this to happen. In Alberta, this is like gravity reversing. This is like going outside and discovering that all the grass is purple and the sky is below your feet now. It’s a complete upset in the natural order that we have needed for so, so long, but I don’t think until recently anyone even realized it was possible. Last semester I actually wrote about this in my paper, how the idea that the PCs were immovable created a feedback loop that prevented change from ever happening, getting further away from reality the more it ran. I didn’t realize then that I’d be staring at a new Alberta in a few months.

For those of you outside of Canada, Alberta has had a PC government for 44 years. Today, we elected an NDP majority. That’s a complete shift from rightist to leftist politics in the span of a single election. And it completely defies the wisdom of a year ago, two years ago, and so on.

I just wanted to put into words how astonished I am, in the end, that I actually got to see this happen, and how happy it makes me. This will have ramifications much further than just Alberta, believe you me. The orange tide is coming in, people, and the tide’s advance is inexorable.

So the political party that recently got elected in my province is now being attacked by the other parties because they’re actually implementing their campaign promises

The opposition is accusing them of “duping voters by doing what you said you would”

what a world we live in

Hahahahahahaha holy fuck I can’t believe Alberta just turfed the Conservatives and elected a majority NDP government. With the Wildrose Party as opposition. The biggest goddamn Conservative stronghold in Canada just threw up its hands and said, “fuck it, we’re NDP now.”

This is glorious and was entirely worth staying up for.