Alberobello, May 2015 by Jörg Richner


Italians call those things “trulli” and you’ll find them all across Puglia. The trulli, I mean. But also the Italians. Weird pointy roofs with a signature-pinnacle on top made the fame of the small town of Alberobello, although every drive on the landside and each “agriturismo” (aka bed and breakfast in the sticks) of the region will be built according to the same design - transforming the whole area into a real-life land of Oblio… yeah, I’m that old to know who Oblio was, I mean that little guy with the pointy hat, heartwarming music and deep life lessons which as a kid I mostly missed (to my parents’ dismay). I loved Arrow though, the dog I never had… (ok that’s a lie - I had dogs) so remembering The Point only added a layer of nostalgia to the charm of Alberobello. Too much excitement calls usually for a beer, so the first terrace we met greeted us with a Peroni Puro Malto. Gran Riserva, they call it, it was smooth and with a pleasant malty taste, just on the weak side (to not say bleak). So, a fine beer in a special town.