There is nothing more that we love at Classy Body Art then multiple piercing projects.

This double nostril belongs to a wonderful client of ours. She went with a slight downward angle to flow with her anatomy. This way regardless if she chooses ends or rings for her nostril it will give her a beautiful look.

Paired piercings are more difficult then a single piercing. It is vital that the angle matches one another. If they don’t, the piercing can look very unsightly. It is for this reason, we at Classy Body Art, always recommend researching your piercer.

Hey nerds of all kinds! Live near or around Albany? Well you’re in luck! This weekend is Albany Games Fest, hosted by University at Albany’s Guild. A gaming club prided on fun, we host this con every year to provide the enjoyment of board games, rpgs and video games. When it comes cons this one is small but fun! There will be a smash bros tournament, an iron cosplay contest (no cosplay required to be brought) and a game of Assassins. Not only those events, but there will be vendors and board games available to play consistently through out the con, AND SO MUCH MORE. I wanna see as many people as possible there, so please pass this on. We haven’t had great success (only 100 people last year) so I want to see your lovely faces! Have questions? Please direct them here first,
If you can’t find your answer at the website, we are on Facebook at ualbany guild. Thank you all, hope to see you there!