Tips for writing an essay with executive dysfunction: do this.

Write out bits and pieces of the essay. When you get to a part you can’t/”don’t want to” write, put it in bold brackets. Get as much done as you can and come back in a half an hour or so!

If the executive function is still bothering you, take it one bracket at a time. Don’t delete the bracket until you’re done “filling it in,” so to speak. If you need to take more breaks or hop to the next bracket, you can do that too! Similarly, if you have a thought you want to get down but you aren’t sure how to word it, put it in bold brackets as well!

It may not “cure” the executive dysfunction or procrastination problems, but it makes writing the essay more like putting shapes in holes of the same shape. It can be a pain, but the process is a bit more streamlined and user-friendly.

I know this may not work for everyone, but as someone who has really bad executive dysfunction and problems focusing (thank you, ADHD!) this works REALLY well for me! I hope by sharing it it can help other people (with and without executive dysfunction/adhd) too! o/


10 Youtubers You Need to Watch

By Alayna Zevallos.

1. The Fashion Citizen

Steph and Mel, or smell and punk as they call each other, are Scottsdale, Arizona based twins. Their videos range from fashion based lookbooks and awesome thrift finds. They have such a witty sense of humor, and they post what they call, “semi daily-ish vlogs” which consists of their day to day work life and Starbucks trips that last four hours for editing, and more. These vlogs may showcase the same routine, but they are very amusing. 

 2. Moon Clique

This channel that was once a duo, is now run by Elena Taber. Most of her videos consist of killer look books ranging from groovy 70s style to 90s fashion. The setting of her videos is right outside her West coast University that gives all the great California vibes. My personal favorite of hers is her Groovy 70s Lookbook-the song and outfits together are unbeatable!

3. Exploring with Josh

Now, Josh has his own channel, but is apart of a friend exploring team whom have all their own channels as well. Josh has such an upbeat and energetic personality, not to mention his adventures are amazing to watch. From places across the world like abandoned drug dealers mansion or an abandoned Japanese theme park, to the beautiful terrains of Bali. Trust me, the minute I found his channel, I became obsessed.

4. The Lineup

Best friends and roomies Julia and Maya, I LOVE these two girls from Stockholm. They have killer fashion sense, and their videos have great editing that I wish I could accomplish myself. You can get outfit tips and ideas from styling puffer jackets, to what to wear on a night out. Their monthly favorites videos are my go to’s to watch.

5. i-D

When I first heard about i-D, I was intrigued. It is not a typical comedy youtube channel, nor fashion or beauty youtube channel. On this channel you can find a heap full of videos interviewing different people and subjects from all walks of life, and you learn so much from. Whether you’re meeting girl skaters, learning about Lil Yachty to Vivienne Westwood, or getting emerged into Icelandic hip hop, this channel has a ton to offer.


Ari Fitz is the creative mastermind behind this channel that is different from the fashion norms you see on youtube. Ari Fitz’s channel is dedicated to tomboy fashion, and it is phenomenal. The diversity in style is amazing. The prom fashion videos she has done are so different and so cutting edge on tomboy fashion, and she gives such a different perspective from the typical “tomboy.”

7. Conan Gray

I cannot praise this boy enough. If you haven’t seen or heard about him and his channel, you are not living. Conan has to be one of the most creative souls I’ve ever heard about. From singing songs in a tree to his thrifting tips to chatting while painting or drawing, (which he is so beyond talented at), he gives off such a wonderful aesthetic and you feel like you are in the room with him. Also, do yourself a favor, and listen to his original song and music video, “Idle Town,” you are going to fall in love.

8. Anthony Quintal

Formerly known as Lohanthony with his “Lohanthony’s videos of the wee-ee-eek,” is now grown up and changed, and I like it. Ever since the new year his styles of videos are different than what they use to be. He now, only posts once a month, and those videos are vlogs. But they aren’t your typical vlogs or daily life videos. They are creative masterpieces of compilations of footage from his life mixed with shots from movies, shows, etc. I am loving the innovative feel his channel is giving off, go check out his latest stuff!

9. Sweet Potato Soul

I am so glad I found this vegan channel! Jenne Claiborne is a professional vegan chef and now youtuber. She has some of the greatest soul food vegan recipes to offer. I love the way she films how she makes the food, it makes you want to go to your local grocery store and whip up some tasty vegan treats. She has such a warm manner, you feel like she’s your neighbor inviting you over for a calm Sunday evening dinner on the front porch. Check her out, she will convince anyone to go vegan!

10. Erik Conover

This male model serves some great traveling vlogs. Whether it is about his life in New York City, or traveling to Bangkok, he makes any place a video worth watching. His thumbnails alone attract you to watch his videos, whether its the back splash of a Songkran Festival or a thumbnail of scuba diving alongside a turtle, you won’t want to miss any of his traveling videos. Also, he has really nice looking hair.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and check out these great youtubers and their channels!

x’s and o’s,


She’s A Fighter

By Alayna Zevallos.

If you haven’t heard of Rowan Blanchard, then you must be new here to planet Earth.

Rowan is a young feminist leader with a huge activist heart bigger than any 15 year old you can come across. This girl is truly amazing and truly special, and for todays post, I am going to be fan girling about her and why she is such a powerful voice for this generation.

Rowans major breakout was starring as Riley Matthews on the sequel to Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World. She used the platform created from that to her advantage. Unlike most girls her age, her social media doesn’t consist of selfies or retweeted memes. Rather, her Instagram and twitter are platforms that speak out against the issues and injustices occurring in this world.

Scrolling through her Instagram alone you can see the passion and heart she has as a young activist for others. You can see how passionate she is behind the Black Lives Matter Movement by posting pictures of victims of police brutality and links to campaigns for change. She is an activist for gender equality, for LGBTQ, and so many more.

In her bio alone it links to an @circleofhealth, which is a way for those to donate to keep the only running hospital left in Aleppo going, for the sake of the civilians suffering over there.

One major campaign she is currently in right now is with @everlane, who is making t shirts that say “100% human” on them in regards to the strive for LGBTQ equality and their community. All the proceeds for the sale of these shirts go to the human rights campaign, and that is truly outstanding.

She has even spoken at the women’s march and one line in her remarkable speech has truly inspired me and will do the same for you.

“If women, if queer people, if people of color have survived this long in a world that refuses to represent them, that must amount to a force much greater than one man with nothing more to invest in than his ego.”

Those words right there truly captivate a person. The wise mind behind those words is not giving up on human rights anytime soon, probably never. She is a major role model for a young generation whom may be torn and confused and have a lot to deal with on their plates for the future.

Her presence is so highly important. Many of her followers are most likely young teens that stemmed from watching her on Girl Meets World. With her passion on human rights being presented consistently and constantly on her social media, she is positively influencing a young generation into being open minded thinkers and compassionate beings to others struggles. She is using her fame for pure good, and I think that is is beyond amazing.

Rowan is clearly an intelligent being who is wise beyond her years. She has such a soft warmth about her that you can just feel how good and pure of a person she is through the screen of your phone or laptop by scrolling through her feed. She speaks up and isn’t afraid of criticism from others in doing so. She is a fearless leader for the youth generation, and I cannot wait to see what other battles for human rights and injustices she faces in the future, and what she will change.

Do yourself a favor and follow her Twitter and Instagram, (@rowanblanchard), to get influenced by such a powerful young soul.

Photo Credit/Teen Vogue

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite names for muses?

hi hello this honestly  took me forever, i’m so sorry !! but here’s a list of my fave names to use !! 

FEMALE: acantha, agate, ainsley / aisly,  alayna, alexandria / -driana, alexis, alicia, alyssa, amaryllis, ambrosia, amethyst, anastasia, angelica, anaïs, arielle, artemis, bambi, birdie, bonnie, carolina, caela, céline, clarissa, colby, crimson, dagmar, danaë, daphne, desdemona, dolores, ebony, eden, eleanor, ellen, elise, elora, eloise, ember, estella, esther, faelyn, falon, farrah, faye, felicity, frankie, georgie, genesis, hadley, harper, helene, henley, inge, isolde, ivory, jolie, kyra, larissa, leonie, louise, loey, maddox, mabel, marielle, marisol, maude, meadow, micah, mirabelle, miriam, myrthe, noelle, nyla, odessa, odysseia, opal, ophelia, paisley, phoebe, primrose, raine, ramona, rhiannon, rosalie / - line, roxanne, ruby, sage, sahar, sapphire, scarlett, selene, serenity, shauni, shiloh, silver, skye, sophia, suzanne, teagan, thalita, valarie, valentina, valora, venice, victoria, vivienne, virginia, winnie / winnifred, winona, winter, xenia, yasmina & yvonne

MALE:  aaron, adonis, adriel / - ien, ahmad, alasdair, alden, alec, amadeus, ambrose, amery, amias, ammiel, amory, anderson, andreas, ainsley, anthony, aramis, archie, ares, asher, axel, beckham, bentley, cain, cédric, cillian, charon, ciaran, claude, clemens, colin, cristiano, cyrus, daegan, dakota, dallas, damien, dane, dante, darcy, daxton, daylon, deacon, demitri, dennis, desmond, diego, dominic, dylon, elden, elias, elijah, ellison, espen, ethan, everley, ezra, fabian, farren, finley, fionn, flynn, fox, francisco, gabriel / gabe, giovanni, grayson, hadrian, hannes, harper, hartley, hayes, heath, hudson, isaac, isaiah, ivo, jeremias, jude, jullian, justin, kael, kami, keanan, kendall, khalil, kian, kieran, lando / landon, leander, lenny, leon, lionel, lucien, maddox, matteo, mathieu, matthias,  micah, milo, misha, nathaniel, nicholai / - as, noah, nyle, oliver, orion, orlando, phoebus, quintin, radley, reece, rhys, ruben, serge, shiloh, silas, teddy, uriël, valen, warren, wren, wolfe, xander, yves, yusef & zed 

De mãos cheias com seu café e pão de queijo, o rapaz seguiu em direção a única mesa vazia da cafeteria lotada, seus passos apressados antes que alguém chegasse. Porém assim que pensou que conseguira ao sentar em um dos assentos livres, outra pessoa também sentava no outro a sua frente. Hector em um ato impulsivo colocou o que carregava em cima da mesa para ocupar o espaço, nem prestando atenção em quem estava ali.


11. There are many old ghost towns around the world. I’ve been told, however, that almost all of these are fake and do not contain real ghosts. I refuse to believe this. Help me prove them wrong. Let’s see ghosts (at least 6) doing typical small-town activities (shopping, dropping stuff off in the mailbox, porch sitting, walking ghost dogs, as crossing guards and school kids, etc.) in one of the actual ghost towns at the link above (or in another legitimately publicized ghost town). Provide a caption to your image or video with the name of the ghost town , and the State or Province and Country you’re in.