Awww he is so cuuute! Ahah !

Even if I don’t understand a word about what he is saying… (So if someone has a heart to translate it to me, I’ll be just very Thankfull! ahah!)

I just understand the “I’m fine I’m fine” when he is “in phone with his mother” ahah!
Just like it! x) 

[Found this video on youtube]

Show Luo has been invited to the Grand Opening!

Konoha Gakuen is now in session! A prestigious academy for the most gifted students– or students with connections. Made of five houses, students compete yearly to be the top ‘wing’ of the school. Konoha Gakuen is a closed AU RP where you get to base your muse off of a Naruto character.


so this guy: Alan Luo aka Show Luo aka The Dancing King of Asia whom I have been a huge fan of forever now, who just happens to be incredibly gorgeous, has admitted that he is not only a fan of KPOP but he is friends with SuJu and Big Bang!!!!

A pic of him and SUJU :D

This was a completely unimportant already known fact… but I still needed to share… b/c its awesome.. 

and I guess he gets along really well with Shinee, they were on his variety show 100% Entertainment (don’t know how I missed this episode…. :/) and they know his “One Man Show” dance…. that was completely amazing. Ten points to Shinee  for awesomeness…. and 4Minute watches his drama “Hi, my sweetheart" and thinks he is attractive…. how fun…. random post for the day…. complete…. :D