The TV project based on cult sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest which was announced back in April has found a home at Amazon Studios, as EW first reported.

While it’s unclear whether some of its original cast members will return for the series,  the film’s co-writer (Robert Gordon) and helmer (Dean Parisot) will be back to pen the script and direct, as well as executive producing alongside Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein.

In case you never watched it (seriously?), the movie followed the cast of a canceled space drama series who become real heroes when they are accidentally transported to a spaceship and tasked with saving an alien nation.

Here is Helen Mirren in Middleton & Dekker’s ‘The Roaring Girl’, with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1983.

I saw this production and remember the late 1970s and early 1980s RSC seasons as leather-and-studs affairs, Alan Howard’s Coriolanus another, ahem, memorable example.

The Roaring Girl is revived at Stratford this year.

Artist - Barry Kyle.



Quiet please, there’s a lady on stage.


Scans from a vintage illustrated kids book I bought recently called The Bus That Went To Church by Jill Tomlinson. As usual I bought it for the illustrations rather than the words, but the story is kind of quirky but religious! It’s illustrated by Alan Howard, who I hadn’t heard of before but I think he did a lot of work for Faber Books over the years.

Great illustrations! Got the right sort of Mid-Century Modern feel that I’m into, but also a very definite sixties vibe (not surprising since it was published in 1965). You can see more from it on my flickr here

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