“It’s unusual for young actresses to get such completeness in a role. Sally is vulnerable, tragic, funny, unlikable, heartbreaking. And then she gets whacked across the face with an epiphany.” Stone adds, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so truly obsessed with a character or a story. I can’t believe this is actually happening!” - Emma Stone Fulfills a Childhood Dream as Cabaret’s Latest Sally Bowles


 I believe if you’re honest, true to yourself, and committed, and especially if you use humor as a tool as well as a balm, people will respect you perhaps more than if they agreed with everything you said. ❞

Just Broadcast: Alan Cumming on the larger message of Cabaret:

“The reason we’re doing it again is that it has something to say. It’s about the rise of Nazism and the fact that if you’re not incredibly vigilant, oppression of some kind can slowly creep up and take over. I think the way that the show is fun and sexy and hilarious — then it slowly goes dark, you, as an audience member have kind of become complicit in that, and that mirrors the way you see Nazism creeping in. People think, "Oh, it’ll be fine, don’t worry, it’ll go away.” And then slowly it doesn’t, and then it’s too late.“

For Alan Cumming, Life Is (Once Again) A Cabaret