Alan Bean

British actors in drag

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+ Musicians in drag

David Tennant

and once more

oh David

Ian McKellen

Andrew Scott

Benedict Cumberbatch

Noel Fielding

and Glamour nana

Helloooooo Rich Fulcher

Rupert Graves 

Martin Freeman

Mathew Baynton

not afraid to show off a bit

plays so strong that even dressed his little son Bo in drag

Rupert Everett

Daniel Radcliffe

and Alan Rickman

Cillian Murphy

is too good at this not to post again

James McAvoy

Jude Law

Sean Bean

Daniel Craig

Charles Dance

Stephen Fry

Christian Bale & Todd Haynes

Mark Gatiss

aged well

Hugh Laurie

and again

John Barrowman

Matt Smith

Simon Pegg

Russell Brand

does some transformations

Hugh Grant

David Williams

Tim Curry

some fine legs of Richard Ayoade

Ben Whishaw

Alan Cumming

Rupert Friend

Jack Whitehall

Simon Farnaby


Astronaut Alan Bean - The Only Artist to Have Walked on The Moon

These paintings were painted with Textured Acrylic and Moondust on Aircraft plywood. Also, Al Bean used his Moon boots and lunar tools to make impressions on the paintings. 

As I began painting I wanted this to be the best painting of Earth I have ever done. This was not an unusual thought, as right from my first painting long ago, my goal for every single painting has been to create the best painting possible with my knowledge and skills.

As I painted along, a new thought entered my head: I want this painting of our planet Earth to be the most beautiful that can ever be painted. As the centuries unfold, long after I’m gone, other artists will venture far enough into space to see the Earth as I have seen it, and they, too, will be inspired to paint it.

Can I do it? Can I make this painting – and those that follow – the most beautiful planetscapes of Earth that can ever be painted, like Monet’s water lilies, or Degas’ ballerinas? I do not know, but I will give it my very best shot. You and future humans will be the judges.”

Alan Bean

MOONWALKERS - ALL 12.NASA color photograph, 10 by 8 inches, of the Apollo 16 Command Module orbiting the moon with an Earth rise in the background. EXTREMELY RARE, SIGNED BY ALL 12 MOONWALKERS: ALAN BEAN, ALAN SHEPHARD, NEIL ARMSTRONG, BUZZ ALDRIN, GENE CERNAN, CHARLIE DUKE, HARRISON SCHMITT, JIM IRWIN, EDGAR MITCHELL, CHARLES CONRAD, DAVE SCOTT, and JOHN YOUNG to Simon. Photographs signed by all of the men who walked on the surface of the moon in the 20th century are impossible to duplicate today as only 8 of the moonwalkers are still living. They are extremely rare and desirable. In this photograph, all 12 men have signed on the image of the lunar surface.

(6 Oct. 1969) — Two members of the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission participate in lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA) simulations in the Kennedy Space Center’s (KSC) Flight Crew Training Building. Here, astronauts Charles Conrad Jr. (right), commander; and Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot, simulate a photographic inspection of the unmanned Surveyor 3 spacecraft. The inspection of Surveyor 3, which has been resting on the moon’s Ocean of Storms since April 1967, is an important objective of the Apollo 12 mission. Selected pieces will be cut from Surveyor 3 and brought back to Earth for scientific examination.

Astronaut Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module pilot for the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission, holds a container filled with lunar soil collected while exploring the lunar surface. Astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr., commander, who took this picture, is reflected in the helmet visor.

Credits: NASA