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Hakuryuu, Alibaba, Ja'far, Aladdin, and Sinbad + totally about to get it on with their fem!s/o when she says, 100% seriously, "lets make a baby." :'3

I did older Aladdin because I am not okay with writing something like this for someone so young tbh


  • He gets a little stuttery and blushy at this
  • It was completely unexpected and out of the blue
  • They’d been talking about having a family someday though
  • It doesn’t completely kill the mood, but she does have to pull him back to here and now
  • He’s a little more nervous now, but is all for having a baby with her.
  • They just have to get married though


  • He’s excited to hear she wants a baby with him
  • He’s already talking about names and almost getting completely off topic
  • She’ll give him a kiss to hush him
  • “We have to make the baby first, Alibaba”
  • He’s still very excited at the thought of them trying for a baby


  • It takes him off guard and she quickly apologizes
  • He kisses her and pulls her closer, reassuring her that he wasn’t against it
  • He likes the thought of having a child with her, but it’s at the back of his mind at the moment
  • He only brings it back up once they’re cuddling afterwards
  • He asks her if she was sure and, when she says she is, he just smiles and starts to fall asleep

(Older) Aladdin

  • He’s not really surprised, he knew she wanted a child in her future
  • He nips at her neck and asks her how badly she wanted to make a child
  • He’s teasing her quite a bit
  • She gets frustrated and and pins him down
  • “Aladdin, I want this and you so badly” and that gets to him.


  • He’s a little surprised but it quickly turns to more arousal
  • “A baby? What if it doesn’t work the first time?”
  • He’s totally luring her into a trap here
  • She gives him what he wants by telling him she wants to keep trying until they do get a baby
  • He’s not against having a child, but part of him hopes it takes a little while for her to become pregnant

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[Press Release + guest actors list for “Street Rats”]

Disney Is Goals

Look at me like Flynn looked at Rapunzel
Hold me like Beast held Belle
Banter with me like the dwarves did with Snow White
Show me love like Aladdin did with Jasmine
Chase after me like the Prince did with Cinderella
Save me like Erik did with Ariel
Kiss me to life like Charming did with Aurora
Be crazy with me like Naveen was with Tiana
Be my best friend like Stitch was with Lilo
Nuzzle me like Simba did to Nala
Admit your love like Hercules did to Meg
Help me be my best like Shang did with Mulan
Be my Prince and let me be your Princess

Terrible Lessons You Learned from Musical Theatre
  • Hamilton:Don't fuck up. Ever. You will die.
  • Waitress:You know what's great? Adultery.
  • Chicago:Easiest way to fame and fortune? Murder.
  • Wicked:Only pretty people can overthrow the government.
  • Rent:Don't ever compromise in the slightest, especially if you're poor and dying.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame:Nothing good will ever happen to you if you're physically disabled. But you'll sound great.
  • Heathers:The popular kids were right, you really should avoid the weirdos in high school.
  • Aladdin:Lie your way to a good relationship. Especially if she's rich. She'll get over it.
  • Book of Mormon:Blasphemy and fan-fiction are great for stabilizing war-torn parts of Africa.
  • School of Rock:Lie your way to a great career. Especially if your boss is hot. She'll get over it.
  • Something Rotten:Originality is dead, but that's hilarious.
  • Phantom of the Opera:Love never dies, and neither will this show.
  • Lion King:Julie Taymor did something right.