Magi Doodle Comic (By: 詰@ツイッター )

English translation by:

マギ落書き(※腐向け注意) | 詰@ツイッター


【マギ】アラアリにイチャイチャさせたった | 晶@THEペロリスト 

Translated by: aladdinxalibaba (tumblog name) 

This is from Pixiv, a Japanese art website, so please read each panel from right to left. 

I’m a sucker for Aladdin being seme, please forgive me


Also, bonus picture (page 0) of the comic: 

External image

Dude oh my fuck those last chapis of Magi hit me right in the kokoro I’M DYING

I mean my babies are finally reunited!

/cries rainbows

And of course first thing Ali does is SAVE him

OR HOW Lady Scheherazade compares Ali and Ala relationship with her and her first King chose,

MY heaRT

and Aladdin’s king /sobs

and Aladdin’s FACE when Ali told him that he wasn’t alone and that he was there for HIM






By this artist:

This is actually a panel for a short 4koma comic strip she drew, but I wasn’t particularly planning on translating this one. 

This panel, though, I had to translate because this. 

THIS is the reason I love AlaAli so much. This essentially characterizes my ideal AlaAli artwork; Aladdin being all ikemen toward Alibaba, and Alibaba not really being attractive to ladies even if he wants to be. 

I like Aladdin being the shota seme. 

Ok. That’s all I wanted to point out. 

Now back to translating actual things again. 

It’s been so long since I last posted an art on my blog////I kinda forgot posting here.


I’ll draw some AliMor next time /// 

AlaAli was my very first ship//It took me long enough to realize that Aladdin was a boy….

Hello, everybody!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve come onto this account. To be honest, the main blog connected to this one was having a few problems with anons due to some problems I was having with irl friends, so I decided to move to a different tumblr account instead. 

HOWEVER, I miss posting AlaAli/AliAla, so I decided I’ll at least come back on here to submit a few works from Pixiv like I’ve done before. Now, here’s the change: 

Instead of posting pictures, I’m going to post translated comics over here from now on. 

There are honestly too many pictures for this pairing posted on tumblr, and I don’t want to double-post anything that’s already been floating around the Magi community on Tumblr during my absence, so that’s what I decided to do instead: post translated pixiv fancomics or fanart that have WORDS on it. 

If any of you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to submit something to me and I’ll take a look at it! I’ll open up the submit button in a bit, but for now, please wait a little while as I finish translating one short work for you guys! 

Feel free to follow or unfollow me, but this will be the new objective for this page from now on: translating fancomics and art for these two adorable men! 

Thanks for reading, and I apologize for any inconveniences! 

I wonder if anybody will even notice this post. I’m just going to do my own thing anyways. 

Hello and nice to meet all of the new followers! I very much appreciate all of your likes, reblogs, follows and ask messages! 

So I was asked in messages a couple of times why I seem to post a lot more AlaAli than AliAla, and this picture pretty much explains it. 

The number in the gray box is the number of artwork posted for each category. The left is AliAla, the right is AlaAli. 

In other words, Pixiv (where I retrieve all of my pictures from) and I really really really really really loves Aladdin being seme more so than Alibaba being seme. Matter of fact, no matter where you look, Alibaba seems to be the most uke in all of the pictures posted. I was originally either planning on making an Alibaba!uke blog or Sinbadass blog.  


Oh my God, my seme finally returned ;;;v;;;
In Aladdin’s first appearance of new arc, his first is “Alibaba-kun” ;;;v;;; so happy ;;;v;;;
AlaAli rule ٩(≧∇≦)۶
Btw, he has grown up now :“> and more like seme now =)))) really, I really happy, excited about this (≧∇≦)b