Boris - Akuma no Uta

(Album Series #120)


-Akuma No Uta (Or The Devil’s Song in ‘merican) is the album that got me into Boris. Although Pink was the first one I heard, it was the album art of Akuma No Uta that got me interested. A METAL band that’s influenced by Nick Drake? It was intriguing enough to check out. I was going to start with this one but Sofia insisted i start with Pink which I did and loved.

-I then started on Akuma No Uta which I listen to again now. Its heavy, and indeed congested at times but it’s so well constructed that it easily gets past a lot of the stereotypes you’d expect from a record like this. And the Nick Drake influence (while vague at times) does shine through.

-Boris is such an odd band..It’s easy to see why they’ve developed such a cult following..They’re just so interesting to listen to!

Naki Kyoku - Boris, Akuma No Uta (2003)

“How can another see into me, into my most secret self, without my being able to see in there myself? And without my being able to see him in me. And if my secret self, that which can be revealed only to the other, to the wholly other, to God if you wish, is a secret that I will never reflect on, that I will never know or experience or possess as my own, then what sense is there in saying that it is my secret, or in saying more generally that a secret belongs, that it is proper to or belongs to some one, or to some other who remains someone. It’s perhaps there that we find the secret of secrecy. Namely, that it is not a matter of knowing and that it is there for no one. A secret doesn’t belong, it can never be said to be at home or in its place. The question of the self: who am I not in the sense of who am I but rather who is this I that can say who? What is the- I and what becomes of responsibility once the identity of the I trembles in secret?” [jd]


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Boris - “Akuma no Uta”

I love this album, even if it is one of the weirdos in my collection. The haunting riff of the intro track, the spaced-out “Naki Kyoku”, (and all the other weird songs in between), the way the same riff is echoed to bring it full circle in this last track, “Akuma no Uta”, and the absolutely energetic, crushing way it kicks in to end it all.