Here’s my partial cosplay line up for A-Kon next weekend. Yes, I am using my cosplay to promote Danganwrestling. :P (I’m also bringing Auron High School Host Club.)

Haven’t really figured out a schedule yet. Probably gonna wear Monokuma Seth Rollins the first day so I can shave for the others.

I plan on taking Seth to one of the Danganronpa shoots, and then Shadow John Cena to the SMT/Persona shoot. Maybe I’ll find an Izanagi there! And, of course, I’m gonna help Ambrose find his waifu.

Who is the best rapper ever? I’ll probably have to say Eminem.
I would definitely say Eminem. He came from a whole another culture, literally. Mastered it, outsold everybody and he did every kind of record imaginable. He could take any topic and make a song out of it. I haven’t seen any artist do that yet.
—  Akon on Eminem
If Bleach characters were small children who believed in Santa...

Author’s choice list. :)

Since it is Christmas this week, I decided to do a Christmas-themed author’s choice list! So let’s pretend that Bleach characters are tiny adorable children who happen to still believe in Santa. In what wondrous and adorable ways will each of them act around Christmas?

1. Szayel: Sets traps for Santa Clause

Yet all he captures are his parents. They are grumpy.

Tiny Szayel: This may cause me to reformulate my hypotheses.

2. Ggio: Lies in wait, hoping to challenge Santa

His plan - should he actually catch Santa in the act - is to challenge Santa to a fight for his entire bag of toys.

Tiny Ggio: I may be small, but Santa is old and fat!

Tiny Ggio: I totally got this!

3. Hitsugaya: Keeps a detailed record of his nice/naughty behavior all year

And then mails the evidence to Santa along with his letter.

Tiny Hitsugaya (writing): So as you can see, my behavior has clearly merited the following items…

4. Orihime: Leaves Santa homemade snacks

She isn’t aware that doing that is a tradition. She just figures that Santa would probably like some snacks.

Tiny Orihime: And I’m gonna leave some carrots for his reindeer, too!

5. As Nodt: Is scared of Santa

The “He sees you when you’re sleeping, and he knows when you’re awake” line really got to him.

Tiny As Nodt: But why does he only watch me when I am sleeping?

Tiny As Nodt: Why

6. Ulquiorra: Asks incessant questions about Santa

Where does he live? How does he get around the whole world in one night? Why does he want to give people presents? What IS a present? Those sorts of things.

Tiny Ulquiorra: Is it only a present when it is wrapped? When it is unwrapped, does it cease to be a present?

Parental figure:

7. Ichigo: Asks no questions about Santa

He just believes.

Tiny Ichigo: Old guy. Magical powers. Very fast.

Tiny Ichigo: What’s not to believe?

8. Rukia: Hides in the downstairs closet hoping to catch Santa every year

But every year she falls asleep because closets are too dang comfy.

Tiny Rukia: Maybe I shouldn’t have put a bed in here…

9. Yukio: Aggressively *doesn’t* believe in Santa Claus

His parents tried to make him believe. It did not work.

Tiny Yukio: Yeah….all of my presents are my parents’ credit cards.

Tiny Yukio: So……yeah.

10. Jinta: Insists that he doesn’t believe

But secretly he does.

Tiny Jinta: Ha! I don’t care about Santa!

Tiny Ururu: He probably heard that.

Tiny Jinta: S-SHUT UP! 

11. Aizen: Pretends that he believes in Santa

Even though he knows the truth, Aizen pretends otherwise so his parents do not suspect. He’s not really sure why he fakes this innocence. It just feels right.

Tiny Aizen: My plan is to “discover” that Santa isn’t real this year. I will be upset

Tiny Aizen: Probably my parents’ guilt will get me a few extra presents.

12. Kurotsuchi: Tries to collect samples of Santa during the mall visit

 Kurotsuchi just wants to know what makes him magic.

Tiny Kurotsuchi: Santa is supposed to give good children what want. I’ve been good!

Tiny Kurotsuchi: So why does he refuse to give me a blood sample??

13. Bazz-B: Is convinced that Santa has fire powers

Bazz-B knows that Santa comes down the chimney and down into the fireplace. Which usually contains fire. So Santa must be fireproof!

Tiny Bazz-B: Plus that red suit just screams “fire”!

14. Grimmjow: Keeps sneaking downstairs to see if he has presents yet

His parents keep telling him to stay in his room. But that only makes Grimmjow want to sneak downstairs more. 

Tiny Grimmjow (being carried upstairs by his parents): But I don’t WANNA stay in my room!

15. Renji:
 Listens to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on repeat all Christmas Eve

He feels such a kinship with Rudolph.

Tiny Renji: Mom, do you think Santa would hire ME to lead his sleigh? I have bright red HAIR!

16. Jackie: Puts a welcome mat in front of the fireplace

Not to make Santa feel welcome or antyhing. She just figures his boots will be covered in soot so he will need somewhere to wipe them.

Tiny Jackie: Nothing ruins Christmas like dirty boots.

17. Ishida: Makes Santa a red cape with a white fluffy lining

He figured  Santa would appreciate that more than cookies.

Tiny Ishida: He might still have the cape I gave him last year, of course, but that’ll just mean he has an extra cape!

18. Ikkaku: Asks Santa for a sword every year

And is disappionted every year when he instead gets a toy sword.

Tiny Ikkaku: I even specified that I wanted a real sword!

Tiny Ikkaku: Wasn’t I good enough??

19. Byakuya: Is obsessed with Santa’s speed

He always wants to hear about how Santa can go around the whole world in one night.

Tiny Byakuya: I could do that. I am fast.

Tiny Byakuya: I will make myself faster than this Santa.

Tiny Byakuya: Then he will know the strength of my pride.

20. Akon: Sets up hidden cameras to catch Santa in the act

Ironically, using the tools that Santa brought him the year before. 

Akon: Well, to be specific he brought me a walkman last year.

Akon: I’m good at adapting.

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Bleach characters, you have just learned that the big bad of Bleach has been Rin the whole time! Your reactions?

Rin feature requested by anon. :)

Ichigo: W-what?! No way!


Ichigo: Wait……who the hell is Rin?

Akon: He’s a Squad 12 guy.

Akon: Floppy hair. Random hair knot on the top of his head. Almost never appears. Likes candy. A lot.

Ukitake: B-but then how can he be evil?

Ukitake: People who love candy are never evil!

Gin: I like candy.


Ukitake: My worldview is crumbling.

Hiyosu: I mean….I guess Rin did stab me in his last panel.

Hiyosu: Me a fellow Squad 12 guy.

Hiyosu: But I assumed he was being controlled by the Quincy!

Hiyosu: I guess maybe I should have asked more questions.

Kira: Gosh. A villain coming from Squad 12. What an enormous surprise.

Kira: It’s almost as if a creepy torture squad with secret cameras everywhere is a bad idea.

Hiyori: See? See?! I KNEW turning Squad 12 into a freakin’ research squad was a terrible idea!

Hiyori: This is all YOUR fault, Urahara!!

Urahara: Uh

Kurotsuchi: Everybody remain calm.

Kurotsuchi: He is my squad member. I will take care of him.

Kurotsuchi: Which would be much easier if I had finished rigging all of my subordinates to explode on my mark like I planned.

Kurotsuchi: This is why you shouldn’t procrastinate, kids!


Kurotsuchi: What?

Ichigo: Um I’m pretty sure the big bad fight is mine, whoever it’s against.

Ichigo: So, uh, what are Rin’s powers anyway?

Urahara: They’ve never been revealed!

Ichigo: Well…..it can’t be too bad, right? I mean, he’s just a nerdy researcher who eats candy all the time. How dangerous could a candy-eating nerd be?

Chad: Urahara is a nerd.

Chad: Yachiru lives on candy.

Chad: Imagine the two combined.


Ichigo: Is there still time to get some new powers?