Wダーリンシリーズ (W Darling Season 2)

Rabbit Candy has finally announced a second season to their W Darling series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

When you open your eyes one morning, you are greeted to the sight of your beloved boyfriend on your right… but also on the left…?

Now matter how you look at it, both of the two men by your side are definitely your boyfriend (boyfriends?). And your boyfriend’s an only child—so what is this????

The plot (what plot?) involving the curious case of your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s clone is the same—but this season features new types of boyfriends. ( • v • )

  • Volume 1: Childhood-friend boyfriend (Left)
  • Volume 2: “Disobedient”/Tsundere boyfriend (Center)
  • Volume 3: Slow-paced boyfriend (Right)

CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya), テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto), 皇帝 (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Release Dates: May 3rd, June 21st, July 19th, 2017.

[Update] FAIRY TAIL - DRAGON CRY - new cast reveal!!

“With Fairy Tail -DC- movie, I’ll be voicing the role as Animus. I’d never played this kind of role before, but I’m really glad and looking forward to it! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!”

Furukawa Makoto (known for voicing Saitama from One-Punch Man) will voiced King Animus, the king of Stella kingdom.

Yuuki Aoi (known for voicing Asui Tsuyu from Boku no Hero Academia & Diane from Nanatsu no Tazai) will voiced Sonya, an aide to King Animus.

And Saito Jiro (known for voicing Toppo from Dragon Ball Super) will voiced Zash Caine, the minister of state of Stella Kingdom.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this mini update of them revealing the new cast.  

Now, I have something to look forward to besides it’s a Fairy Tail movie, but it’s because Makonyan (my current fave seiyuu) will voiced King Animus (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡