Mikagura School Suite’s (ミカグラ学園組曲) cast made the covers and a clear file extra for the June issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | JP), with new illustrations by original character designer Akina (明菜) and anime character designer Manamu Amasaki (天崎まなむ).


Gumi - Trashy Innocence (我楽多イノセンス)

The fourth song in the Mikagura School Suite series, focusing on Kuzuryu Kyoma from the Art Club! For more info on MSS, visit the Mikagura Scans tumblr.

Music and Lyrics: Last Note.
Guitar: Moyashi (もやし) / Meriken (メリケン)
Bass: Irojiro (色白)
Illust and Movie: 明菜 (Akina)

Original Video


I finally got my novel! My friend got it for me from Animate, so I also got the postcard with Eruna (the first illustration) and the special arrange CD. The two illusts in the middle are from the booklet that came with the CD. The Digipop Arrange of After School Stride is really nice and super cute. I’ll post pictures of the novel later!

I’ve put watermarks because, well, this is the internet. I tried to put them in a way that they won’t block the illustrations too much…I know most of you guys won’t do this, but please don’t redistribute these images and/or take out the watermark. If you want it without the watermark for your personal use, feel free to message me and I’ll send it to you.

Novel Masterpost here. Character Introductions here.