Gumi - Trashy Innocence (我楽多イノセンス)

The fourth song in the Mikagura School Suite series, focusing on Kuzuryu Kyoma from the Art Club! For more info on MSS, visit the Mikagura Scans tumblr.

Music and Lyrics: Last Note.
Guitar: Moyashi (もやし) / Meriken (メリケン)
Bass: Irojiro (色白)
Illust and Movie: 明菜 (Akina)

Original Video

Mikagura School Suite Album by Last Note.
Releases 25/2/2015

Limited Edition: ¥3,500 - AmazonAnimateTOWER RECORDS・Tsutaya・Shinseigo/WonderGOO・HMV
Regular Edition: ¥2,600 - AmazonAnimateTOWER RECORDS・Tsutaya・Shinseido/WonderGOO・HMV

Crossfade here. Translation of it here.
Tracklist and tokuten information under the cut.

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