Akimoto Sayaka’s Twitter 2015.06.27

Today is the day America declared same-sex marriage legal.
I think there would be a lot of smiles, for all the hardships they’d been going through.
Partner. Having the same equal dignity under the law.
So far I’ve never been in love with any women, but one day I may fall in love with a woman too.
Before caring about gender, I think it’s about loving a person, a human being.


Oshima Yuko towards Sayaka


“Without notice
Dressed up accordingly
I will show
The one who does Michael Jackson wonderfully….

#AkimotoSayaka #michaeljackson #WhyWereYouDressedLikeThatWhenIGotThere #Birthday #27YearsOld”


“Sayaka’s 27th birthday!💫
Sae and I planned a surprise birthday party!!

Sayaka’s attitude, faith, willpower and tenderness, I’m glad she was a little bit timid at the meeting place. 

From the bottom of my heart, congratulations!❤️ 

#Limousine #SpectacularBirthday #ShinyuuTrio”


“Happy Birthday, Sayaka! My encouragement, my strength (power), my hope and important friend. Be Happy!”

[Translation may not be accurate because my Japanese is yabai.]

140527 Akimoto Sayaka's Blog


Something sad has happened.

I’m not sure how I can put it into words…

The three that have been wounded, I pray for a speedy complete recovery.

Of course, other than the three, other members, parents, staff members and fans. I wish that the wounds on everyone’s heart can be healed…

“It didn’t matter who”

How can there be such cruel string of words.
Such a thing as ‘a person who did not matter’ does not exist in this world.
No matter what kind of human you are, every single person exists here and now.

There is no human who deserves to be called 'a person who did not matter’.

I can’t hide my resentment.

From now on, it depends on whether we can align what we think to our subsequent actions.

Clench our fists tightly.

Because we are AKB48.

Other than us, there are many other people who conduct hand shakes and my heart hurts when I think about them.

In order to create a safe, peaceful environment for all the people involved to attend hand shake activities.

This kind of incident can never occur again.

I hope it can remain a place where love is being accepted.

Akimoto Sayaka