Roadrunner United - Roads (by sefir666)

The voice of loss is sighing through the rain
And as I turn around
Nothing’s to be found
For hours now upon this endless road
Is it taking me
Where I long to be?


A soaring hope is reeling in my head
I can’t remember this
But it must be what I miss
Suddenly I find I’m standing still
Staring at the ground
Waiting for your sound


I'm sorry Alexi...

There is no way in hell Alexi Laiho is the “best” metal guitarist ever. He’s great and all sure, but I can’t stand to listen to the same diminished, melodic minor and pentatonic sweep tapping all the time.

I mean, he rated higher than John Petrucci, James Hetfield, Marty Friedman, Tony Iommi, Randy, Dime and Mikael Åkerfeldt FFS.

I know it’s all just some people’s opinions (as is this I might add!), but still!