Akdong Musician

I want to know what it is like in the YG building right now.

I want to know if the trainees are being told to keep going even though they’ve seen two examples today of how YG treats the artists that he debuts.

I want to know if Black Pink are sad, scared, upset, whatever to actually be 2NE1 2.0 because now their seniors aren’t there. Or whether they think YG will treat them the same. Or whether they are indifferent, happy to be *the* girl group from YG.

I want to know if iKon even knew what was going on seeing as they were busy with Japan promotions. Or whether they feel that could have been them if they were the winners of W.I.N. Or whether they are just upset, broken, scared what’s going to happen to them now seeing as they seem to have just been shipped of to Japan.

I want to know if Lee Hi and AKMU wonder what will happen to them. Or whether they will ever make a comeback.

I want to know if YG trainees and idols are being told not to mention it, to keep quiet and pretend it never happened.

I want to know if 2NE1 are happy, if this is what they wanted or if YG has just betrayed one of the greatest girl groups of all time.

I want to know if Winner are happy or if they’re just watching with no say as to what is happening as YG takes their dreams and shatters them.

I want to know if Taehyun is just okay.

And most of all, I want to know what the fuck is going on in YG’s head. I want to know if he realises he is murdering talent, wasting chances. I want to know why the fuck he thinks any of this is okay.

And I wasn’t even a fan of 2NE1, Winner or YG in general. I just want to know what the fuck is going on.

And I want YG to fucking answer me.

I hope this is a fucking wake up call for you YG. You CAN NOT keep putting your artists in the dungeons. They are people. They have wants. They want to make and RELEASE that music. They want to do normal things that other idols do like music broadcasts and variety shows and interviews and such. 

WINNER, Akmu, Lee Hi have already spoken out in public against you and your promotional methods. Can you not see? Can you not see that what you are doing will HURT your artists. Can you not see that their popularity drops and people move on from them. What’s the point of giving an amazing debut if you hide them and never let them see the light. 

The only reason Big Bang can survive such a long hiatus is because of the humongous fanbase they made before 2012. In case you forgot already YG, Big Bang made so many comebacks fro 2006 to 2012 so the public could not forgot them. Why can you not do the same with your newer artists. Why do you have to shove them away. Stop being a perfectionist ass and let them DO NORMAL IDOL THINGS.

You’re hurting yourself but mostly you’re hurting your fucking artists mentally. Seunghoon said he lost the will to perform on the stage during their hiatus and this is the boy who yearns to perform on stage and wanted to be in YG so badly. Why would Lee Hi and WINNER say to avoid YG for future trainees? WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING NEW GIRL GROUP. I can’t even imagine how they feel and you already lost several members of the original group. 

In the end, you’re shooting yourself in your damm foot YG. And you’re hurting your artists mentally.