In which Midorima already passed out in embarassment www (’(゚∀゚∩ 

hinagikuzeelmart. Hope you don’t mind I choose Midorima this time (^^ゞ Midorima is not my expertise though. I tried >.<

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Hello! How would Midorima, Izuki, Takao, Hayama, Akashi, and Mayuzumi be on having a very affectionate friend whom they secretly have feelings for? :)

MIDORIMA: Midorima would probably be a bit confused and extremely flustered. He wouldn’t be sure whether your touches were platonic of flirtatious in nature. He’d probably assure himself that you meant it in a strictly platonic manner, but that wouldn’t stop him from a) blushing nonstop and b) wishing the two of you were something more.  

IZUKI: Izuki would be partially delighted by the attention you gave him. He’d probably thrive in it, bust out his best possible puns, and be as affectionate as possible without overstepping his bounds. He’d make up nicknames for you and do as much as he could without making you uncomfortable. Eventually, he’d want to find out if you had romantic feelings for him. 

TAKAO: Takao’s friendly nature would make getting along with your affectionate personality. He’s definitely comfortable with subtle touches and, at times, flirtatious banter. If your feelings were solely platonic, he’d do his best to keep his romantic feelings to himself. Otherwise he’d try to up his game a bit so you understood how he felt. 

HAYAMA: Hayama is capable of incredible self-control, but your afffectionate nature makes it difficult for him to keep his feelings in check. As much as he’d like to confess his feelings, he’s not sure whether yours are strictly platonic or venture into romantic. He’d be very physically affectionate without making you uncomfortable, and would do his best to spend as much time with you as possible.  

AKASHI: Akashi would definitely appreciate your affection, but would hesitate to allow you to be too affectionate should your feelings be strictly platonic. He’d be very indulgent toward you, spoiling you rotten. He’d do his best to not overstep his bounds and make sure you were comfortable. If you were okay with it, Akashi would likely return affectionate physical gestures.  

MAYUZUMI: Mayuzumi would secretly bask in the glory that is your affection, but he’d likely not show much outwardly. He’d probably be less cold toward you and perhaps venture on friendly despite his cool exterior. Affectionate gestures could be returned with great subtly, and he’d likely monitor your reactions to make sure you were okay with it. He probably wouldn’t flirt, but would enjoy flirtatious behavior from you.