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Gom and takao and imayoshi react to their beloved girlfriend testing her makeup on them? Haha thank youuu

Kuroko: Not minding the slightest (as long as the two of you stayed indoors) Kuroko would allow you to test whatever you needed to. Though, he thought you’d be testing it on his arm or other harmless patch of skin. When you brought the eyeliner up to his eyes however, he got a bit nervous.

Kise: Actually being used to having makeup on his face due to his job, Kise didn’t mind having you test yours on him. The foundation wasn’t his color and he never had to wear such vibrantly colored eye shadow before, so it was a new experience! The two of you end up sending a picture to his usual makeup artist.

Aomine: No way! There was no way he would allow you to test anything on his face! But then again, the way you were begging and pouting so cutely… Aomine would groan heavily before giving in. At least he would be able to wash it all off right away. (Little did he know it was all water proof makeup!)

Imayoshi: Despite frowning and giving you teasing complaints the entire time, Imayoshi was just glad you were having fun, even if it was at his expense. He thought it was funny when you huffed in annoyance as he waggled his eyebrows, messing up the work you were doing there.

Midorima: All you had done was swatched a few eye shadow colors on his arm, but Midorima was acting like it was the end of the world. Every time he wiped, it only smeared the color further down his arm! And, oh god, was that glitter?! He’d never get it off now!

Takao: The idea had been Takao’s in the first place when you were out shopping for new shades of lipstick. After all, you needed to get a color that would match the both of you nicely if you were going to be having your lips all over each other later.

Murasakibara: You had drawn lines of eyeliner down his arm while he was sleeping, wanting to test which ones were the darkest. Murasakibara wouldn’t have woken up if you hadn’t started misting his arm with water to test how water proof they were also.

Akashi: There’s a light chuckle from him as you politely ask him to sit still as you dab some blush onto his cheeks. He asks what the problem was, noticing your disgruntled face as you stare at him. Heaven knows you’d never rouse an actual blush from him, so you had to memorize this faked one while you still could!

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Hi! Can I get the GOM + Ogiwara with leisurely activities they'd like to do with a s/o? (CONGRATS ON ALL THE FOLLOWERS IM SO HAPPYYYYYY)



hanging out and chatting at a cozy cafe


ice skating together


random shit! anything silly they can come up with XD (or just be lazy together and lie down watching TV)


a walk in the park or around town


cooking together


horse riding


video games (the competition could heat up!)

Probably me if I was transported into Attack on Titan
  • Commander Erwin:Why do you want to join the Survey Corps Cadet?!!