Kuroko no Basket MBTI

Tetsuya Kuroko - INFJ

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Taiga Kagami - ENFP

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Teppei Kiyoshi - ENFJ

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Junpei Hyūga - ISTJ 

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Shun Izuki - INTP

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Seijūrō Akashi - INTJ

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Shintarō Midorima - INTJ

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Ryōta Kise - ESFP

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Atsushi Murasakibara - ISTP

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Daiki Aomine - ESTP 

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Yukio Kasamatsu - ESTJ

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Kazunari Takao - ESTP

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Shoichi Imayoshi - INTP

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Tatsuya Himuro - INFP

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Shōgo Haizaki - ESTP

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Makoto Hanamiya - INTP

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Riko Aida - ENTJ

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Satsuki Momoi - ENFJ

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Alexandra Garcia - ESFP

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Comment: Yay! Kuroko No Basket! :D I´m so glad that more people are following me on tumblr now because of my MBTI-typing! I´m still new and I hope you are agreed with my typing of the characters!

  Here is a list of characters I thought was a challenge to type with my reasoning: 

Typing Kagami was a challenge, since he´s a mix between ESFP and ENFP, so I went with ENFP for him because of his way of using Ne (extroverted intuition) like this sentence are written: “The Ne user is always striving for growth or improvement. Extraverted Intuition can give them a sense of idealism and the desire to want to impact the world” I thought that this sentence described Kagami perfectly, since he has a goal to beat all of the members in generation of miracles. 

And some of you might wonder why I typed Akashi and Midorima as INTJs. Well, I believe that they are both have Ni as a dominant function, but in different ways. Akashi uses his Ni in order to plan every basketball games while Midorima prefer to use his Ni during his beliefs in horoscopes. 

When it comes to Kise, It was hard to chose between ESFP and ESFJ, because of his way of using Si to copy other basketball skills all the time, but at the same time I could see him uses Se because of his outgoing personality combined with Fi which he shows during the match with Aomine.

Then we have Takao, my favourite character of the series! I´ve seen him being typed as ENTP and ESTP, but by looking at the dominant functions, I realize that he uses Se because of his ability to see everything around him during the basketball games! 

Aomine has been typed as ESFP, ISTP and even ESTP. By theese types, I´m more agreed with ESTP because of his enjoyment for the basketball sport (Se), but at the same time stopped enjoying it because no opponent wasn´t challenging him, by making him believe that there were no other than himself who could defeat him (Ti). 

I believe that Tatsuya is an INFP because of his auxiliary function Ne because of his wish for a good challenge in the field of basketball, but at the same time desires to improve his basketball skills. He is also driven by his feelings (Fi) in order to achieve that after loosing a basketball game against Kagami in the past. 

NB: You can take a personality test on www.16personalities.com

My typing is based on the 8 cognitive functions. If you want me to type characters from a series, you are free to leave a message! :D