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Request: Brad angst please / Do you think you could do a fluffy Brad smut?

Ask and you shall receive 

Warnings: Smut, A lot of angsty Brad, (Fluff)
Words: 2.8k

Brad is a little short on temper, and in a place where the stress of being in a band, touring the world, and writing music can be a little too overwhelming at times; He’s glad he has you to rely on.

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 a) Yo misma en los ojos de Gala. b) Vientos, mi gato, TIRADO.. duermiendo, reposando. c) Descripción gráfica de mi envidia jaja. d) La mini góndola de la verduleria de la esquina. e)Apuntes y mate. f) La puerta del centro de estudiantes. g) Noche en el set

Defenders Countdown: 2 Days

Top 10 Fights

    The Marvel Netflix shows have featured some truly awesome fights so far. In anticipation of all the extra awesomeness in store for us in The Defenders, here are our top ten favorite fights (today, anyway. It changes moment to moment). These are in no particular order– just making this list was enough of a challenge! 

The Original Hallway Fight (”Cut Man”, Daredevil Season 1)

    Hallway fights have become a staple of these shows, but nothing beats the original. Not only is it a technically impressive fight– both from a stunt and cinematography perspective– but it also celebrates one of the core components of Matt’s character. Watching him face down a crowd of bad guys, growing increasingly exhausted but continuing to fight, we are given a visceral look at the willpower and resilience that has been a vital part of Daredevil stories for the past fifty years.   

Luke Storms the Crispus Attucks Complex (”Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”, Luke Cage)

    There’s nothing like a good, old fashioned beat-down, and Luke ploughing his way through Cottonmouth’s storehouse while listening to music never gets old. It’s a celebration of his powers, the solid and straightforward triumph of good over evil morally ambiguous, and it’s just plain fun.   

Danny and Davos’s Big Escape (”Black Tiger Steals Heart”, Iron Fist)

    Most of the fights on this list were chosen not just for their sick moves and badassery, but because of their narrative significance as well. A good fight should establish character, tell a story, and/or move the plot forward, in addition to being fun to watch. Danny and Davos beating the snot out of the entirety of Bakuto’s student body already makes this one of the most epic fights in any of the shows, but it has the added element of introducing Davos into the narrative. While we hear about Danny and Davos’s friendship in earlier episodes, their flawless teamwork and chemistry in this fight succinctly expresses just how close they are and how long they’ve been fighting together.      

Jessica vs. Luke vs. Mind Control (”AKA Take a Bloody Number”, Jessica Jones)

    Jessica Jones is emotionally brutal, even by the standards of the Marvel Netflix shows, and this fight between Jessica and mind-controlled Luke is killer. It combines the sheer power of two people with super-strength battling it out with the pain of seeing Jessica trying to keep someone she loves from hurting her, without hurting him in return. As with almost everything in her life, Jessica’s best efforts are in vain, and she is forced to shoot Luke in the head– one of the most heartbreaking moments in a heartbreaking show.      

Luke vs. Diamondback in the Apollo (”Blowin’ Up the Spot”, Luke Cage)

    This fight is the epitome of both Luke’s relationship with his half-brother, and of the show in general. It’s a theatrical, grandiose, large-scale brawl, set in one of Harlem’s most iconic locations. Already having been injured by Diamondback, Luke– an unstoppable force for most of the story– is literally, figuratively, physically, and emotionally brought to his knees, before dramatically flinging Stryker through the Apollo’s gold double doors. It’s a unique, memorable fight that stands out from the many other fights in Luke Cage.      

Stick vs. Matt (”Stick”, Daredevil Season 1)

    We love Stick, and we love Scott Glenn’s portrayal of Stick, and we love Matt and Stick’s relationship, and we love watching both of them fight, so this showdown was pretty close to perfect for us. Seeing mentor and mentee going at it is a magical end to this episode’s exploration of Matt and Stick’s past and dynamic. As outside observers of this turbulent relationship, we see the fight for what it really is– a test. Stick wants to see if Matt has any potential left, and his casual pleasure after seemingly getting his butt handed to him is a great moment in their relationship.      

Danny vs. Zhou Cheng (”Blessing of Many Fractures”, Iron Fist)

    Another stand-out fight in a show filled with stand-out fights, Danny’s battle with Zhou Cheng is fun because it’s a kung fu movie face-off. The two exchange banter, and time is taken to savor the combat, which– given Zhou Cheng’s use of drunken fist style kung fu– is distinctive and super cool. It’s a fight with a purpose, yes– Danny needs to get past him and into Gao’s building– but it’s also a martial arts exhibition that is pure fun to watch.  

Jessica and Trish vs. Simpson (”AKA I’ve Got the Blues”, Jessica Jones)

    Of course, Trish/Patsy Walker is a superhero in the comics, but we weren’t sure they would take that route with her in the MCU. We are delighted they did, because her combat training and willingness to fight makes an already great character even better. The climax of this side of her story is her team-up with Jessica against Simpson, and her decision to power up using his enhancement pills. It is tremendously satisfying to watch her fling him around the room, and her decision to risk death to win this fight for Jessica speaks to her courage and general badassery.   

Matt and Frank Team-Up (”Penny and Dime”, Daredevil Season 2)

    After fighting each other for the first three episodes of the season, Matt and Frank are finally given the opportunity to get to know each other in episode four. This is initiated by their team-up against the Irish mob, in which Matt grudgingly saves Frank’s life. The fight has everything a Daredevil/Punisher team-up should have, including Matt stopping Frank from committing murder, and Frank calling him “Altar Boy”. It’s a fun team-up, and a great preparation for their bonding scene in the graveyard afterward. 

Jessica Kills Kilgrave (”AKA Smile”, Jessica Jones)

    Yes, there is fighting involved here, but that’s not what earned this moment a spot on the list. The highlight of this scene is Jessica snapping Kilgrave’s neck, and winning her psychological fight against her abuser once and for all. We were convinced she was going to go for the humane, “heroic” route and keep him alive, so the visceral satisfaction of this victory makes it one of our favorite moments in any of the shows. 

Honorable mentions:

    Most of the other fights, to be honest. We had an impossible time narrowing this down, and ended up with too many honorable mentions to make listing them worthwhile. Blanket statement: the fights in these shows are masterful things, and we can’t wait for more. 


(Happiness Post #9 - Brad)

Name: Bradley Will Simpson

AKA: Brad, the bear, baby bear, baby bear Brad, Bread/Breadley, idiot number one

DOB: July 28th, 1995

Nationality: British

Group/Band: The Vamps

Role: Lead singer, guitarist, idiot number one, the baby of the band but not really

Fun Fact: When he was first asked to join the band his mom thought it was fake and was skeptical about letting him go to London. But in the end everything worked out lol

Reason I Like Them: bc he’s a glorified idiot but also talented as hell. He can’t do anything without having some fun first. I really admire bc he gets the most hate out of all the guys and ofc it gets to him but he always pulls through for us.

Master Post



You Respond To Hate (Ariana Grande)

How You Meet

You Fight With Another Boy

Eating Habits

What Would You Do?

First Date

You’re Tall


Please? (CAKE 2/4)

You Go To His Concert

Lazy Days

You Open For Them On Tour

You Open For Them On Tour (2)

His Mom Catches You

You’re Shy

You’re A Dancer (Chachi Gonzales)

Secret Talents (Sports)

Who He Gets Jealous Of

Youtube Challenges

Mayday Parade Concert

You’re Tattooed

The Vamps’ Member He’s Jealous Of

He Loves You, But You Love Someone Else

You Say Something Strange

He Makes You Insecure

He Makes You Insecure (Part Two)

You’re Whipped


You Respond To Hate (Emma Stone)

Disney Land (Outfit)

You’re Sore

You Prank Him

You’re a Fan and He Flirts With You

Valentine’s Day (Outfit)

Theme Park (Outfit + Imagine)

His Favorite Gif of You (Barbara Palvin)

His iPhone Wallpaper of You (Ariana Grande)

Your Brother Catches You (BAND EDITION)

You’re A Rapper (Iggy Azalea)

You’re Part of A Bet

You’re Part of A Bet (Part Two)

You’re Part of A Bet (Part Three)

You’re Part of A Bet (Part Four)

You’re Straightedge

The Fans’ Favorite Gif of You Two


The End of The Night

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He Has A Girlfriend (Part Two)

He Has A Girlfriend (Part Three)

He Hears You Swear for the First Time


He Tweets a Photo of You and Your Friend

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

He Has A Girlfriend (Part Four)


The Boys Tweet a Photo of You Two

Your Private Videos Are Leaked

You Make Him Insecure

Truth or Dare

Love Bites

Break Up

Make Up

The Other Boys Don’t Like You

The Other Boys Don’t Like You (Part Two)


He Finds Your Old 5sos Blog


5 Seconds of Summer School

5 Seconds of Summer School (Part Two)

5 Seconds of Summer School (Part Three)

5 Seconds of Summer School (Part Four)

5 Seconds of Summer School (Part Five)

You Fight With His Ex & He Defends Her

You Fight With His Ex & He Defends Her (Part Two)

Not Ready


Snow Days

Olivia’s Writing:

Hellelujah- Jeff Buckley 

Song Series:

Notice Me- Alli Simpson (AKA the potato song)

Girlfriends- Single File

Say Something- Christina Aguilera + A Great Big World

Keep You With Me- Hot Chelle Rae

Psycho Girlfriend- Jessie James

From The Start- Late Nite Reading

Kisses Down Low- Kelly Rowland

Skinny Genes- Eliza Doolittle

Stay Beautiful- Taylor Swift

Problem- Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

Check Yes, Juliet - We The Kings

Birthday - Katy Perry

She’s So Mean - Matchbox Twenty


He Catches You With A Boy (1)

He Catches You With A Boy (2)

He Catches You With A Boy (3)

He Tells You To Change


You’re Gay/Biexual

You’re Alone On Valentine’s Day

You’re Younger and Get Pregnant

Paranormal Series:

Ouija Boards




I’m Not Giving Up (Michael)

Movie Dates (Ashton)

Scared (Calum)

Sweet Sixteen (Luke) 1

Sweet Sixteen (Luke) 2

For The Win (Hockey!Ashton)


Sing For Me (Calum)


You Walk In On Him Watching Porn

Ashton Takes Care of You

You Have a British Accent

Ashton Takes Care of You After a Soccer Tournament

Calum Takes Care of You When You’re Drunk

Luke Finds Your 5sos Tumblr

Michael Reacts To You Dying Your Hair Pink

Luke Goes To Your Dance Recital

im still taking requests for all of these things js


And you know, you know where to find me. Yeah, you know where to go when you’re looking for love. And you know, you know where I’m hiding. Yeah, you know, yeah you know, that when the stars go out you can rest your love on me.

Boardwalk Empire x The Simpsons aka Bootleg Bart.

Long time no see. Sorry ‘bout that. But a lot of works these days (again :-) ). Some stuff can be seen on my Instagram, feel free to follow me, you’ll see some work in progress or illustrations I made (not only simpsonized). 

Here’s an illustration I made some weeks ago for Be-Street BootlegBart contest. Based on the well-known “Boardwalk Empire”, here is the process from the beginning to end: 1. The advanced sketch, 2. The ink, 3. The colors, 4. The lights.
Hope you like it. ;-)