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All right, hear me out: I am so proud of Dorian Pavus.

This is a man who used to live in a lie. A man who had to act all the time and love himself because noone else would. A man who had to guard his emotions because at best he was a port in the storm. A man who was thought that what he is and how he feels is deviant and shameful and it must be hidden. A man who was afraid of dancing with his beloved because what will people say? A man who was afraid to hope for more and didn’t want to talk about the future in case everything goes to hell as it always did before.

But he has so much love in himself. So much strenght that keep him going. And when he finally finds his place Dorian makes such a wonderful progress. He has friends. He has plans. He’s happy. And I believe he will change Tevinter for better. Because who else if not him?

I am so freaking proud of Dorian Pavus.


Finished and final version. Only now I see how much Vaxus was really through, what he’ve lost and gained. Being Inquisitor sucks, don’t you think?

Since it’s Vax story I allowed myself to put Valerin in the vid as well. His twin sister makes two brief appearances and I wonder if you can find them. What else? Ambitious ladies, sad lumberjacks, sneaky eggs, handsome Tevinters and unlucky Inquisitors. I really hope you enjoy it and please do let me know what you think about it (:


Vaxus Trevelyan’s appreciation video

I put it together for the meme but I like it enough to post it as separate thing. I still cannot believe Vax and Zevran share the same voice actor :D


‘What? There is no applause? Fine.’

Uff. Finally did a video for my favorite DA character. Also featuring Vaxus Trevelyan :D

Here is your applause Dorian:


This one was tricky, but I’m glad I made it. Gave me lots of feels. My poor Trevelyan went through so much. 

Beware Trespasser spoilers!