Dilraj Mann & Tessa Black Interview (Each Other)

Tessa Black: Who would you say are some artists that have influenced your work the most?

Dilraj Mann: I really love Katsuhiro Otomo and Taiyo Matsumoto. Their story telling and panel transitions are revelatory. Cleon Peterson, Keiichi Tanaami, Jaime Hernandez, Chris Ware, Lucian Freud,  Jose Munoz, Zaha Hadid, Ralph Bakshi. David Mazzuchelli’s work in Batman Year One is something I read annually to show me economy in art and panel layout. I tend to find that I fall in love with someone’s work early on and then fall in love with something else. So new inspiration is Marie Jacotey, Aisha Franz  and Hattie Stewart, Jillian Tamaki. I find music incredibly inspiring and something that influences my work, currently  stuff like Jlin, Philip Glass, Dirty Beaches, Clark and Jai Paul and I’m hoping to do a comic based on his lyrics soon. How about you?

TB: I’m pretty all over the place with artists, mainly as a function of how little time I give myself outside of work. I draw from a lot of artists such as Otto Von Todd, Gulliaume Singelin, Anna Cattish, and Asiey Barbie. I go through a lot of different artists but those are generally the folks I come back to I admire artists with a lot of versatility or at least a body of work that stretches far back. It’s interesting to see what they learned or tried with different approaches, and helps me get a better sense of what I like about their style.

I don’t think I can draw without music, and I usually look to artists such as Tettix, Goose or Lorn for focus. Something about their tone really tunes out my surroundings and helps get work done, though I look to Swans, Tycho, or Joanna Newsome for pure inspiration.

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i got this question in my messages: “Hi. Could you recommend me some good mini comics and manga?”

i’ve been reading ranma ½ again lately. i also have been very into the comic and mini i got by aisha franz.

maybe anyone who is reading wants to recommend this guy some comics by replying to this post?

Episode 129
Big Planet Comics Podcast
Episode 129

We talk Usagi Yojimbo stage plays, Suicide Squad casting, DC Comics cancellations, Agents of SHIELD finale, and a few personal activities!

Plus, we review all these books:

Earthling – Aisha Franz
Rocket Salvage #1 – Yehudi Mercado, Bachan
Rumble #1 – John Arcudi, James Herren

Thanks to Kristen for this week’s questions, and Kendall Goode for the holly jolly podcast art!

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