►►XIII: The Series Season 2 Episode 13 : Battlezone


Air Date : September 1st, 2012
Season Number : 2
Episode Number : 13
Episode Name : Battlezone
Networks : Showcase, Canal+
Genres : Action & Adventure, Drama

The safety of the world is at stake. The Chinese HEARPE is now fully operational. With the help of Betty and Barnabis, XIII tries to destroy HEARPE while XIII.2 attempts to unleash its destructive force – a terrifying array of natural disasters - on the United States. But only one man will triumph. Only one man will survive. Making his last stand in the bunker, Carrington contemplates extreme measures.

Greg Bryk, Aisha Tyler, Ted Atherton, Virginie Ledoyen, Caterina Murino, Roxane Mesquida, Paulino Nunes, Stuart Townsend, Stephen McHattie

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The Talk - Raven-Symoné Controversy Comments

I’m SO glad about what Sheryl said, when you were starting OUT or not as successful, were you “colorless” then? If you were broke would you be colorless or black? Another thing, I HATE when people go that’s not ALL of who I am. I don’t want people to black out, “not see,” or downsize ANY of my traits. I am a BLACK, DARKER COMPLECTED, FEMALE and MANY more things. But ALL my parts are important. I see things a certain way, I go about things a certain way because I’m those things. I’m not asking people to zero in on ONE thing but to RESPECT all things about me and discriminate or oppress because of those things.