Airy post

A poor copy [of Robert],” Renly said with a shrug.
“Though much better dressed,” Littlefinger quipped. “Lord Renly spends more on clothing than half the ladies of the court.”
It was true enough. Lord Renly was in dark green velvet, with a dozen golden stags embroidered on his doublet. A cloth-of-gold half cape was draped casually across one shoulder, fastened with an emerald brooch. “There are worse crimes,” Renly said with a laugh. “The way you dress, for one.
—  Renly Baratheon, A Game of Thrones

if there’s one thing I’ve learned from fiction it’s this

if you’re eavesdropping and hear people talking about you and they say something upsetting

make sure you stay and hear the conversation to the end don’t just run off into the night  you dumb chucklefuck

came home feeling ready to write some more of a stalled fanfic

got an AO3 comment saying they were disappointed I hadn’t updated this weekend

well there went my good writing mood

Please don’t ever leave this type of comment.  It is absolutely counterproductive.  it doesn’t make the writer suddenly do the writing they were always capable of doing but holding out on you for some arcane reason.  It just makes them feel bad about something they haven’t been able to control.  

Minor headcanon: Holly has a NO RUNNING rule on the Zoo station not only because it’s rowdy and undignified and disorderly and leads to accidents at blind corners, but because she herself absolutely hates to run.  Holly trying to run is the jiggliest goddamn thing you ever saw.  Everything shakes.  It is exhausting just to look at.  Even with a Jasper-strength sports bra, she feels ridiculous.

On the other hand she has no difficulty running in heels; Holly can do absolutely anything in heels, it’s uncanny.