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I know everyone is upset because Kayo and Hiromi fell in love, got married, and had a precious little angel of a baby (OMG IT’S SO DARN CUTE) all while Satoru was in his 15-year long coma. I get it. Satoru and Kayo had chemistry together. I’d be lying if I didn’t secretly ship them myself whilst reading the manga.

But that’s not the point, and I’m pretty sure that the author, especially after putting in those cute ‘lil moments between them, intentionally decided to have her marry Hiromi. 

Why? Because the relationship between Kayo was only a child’s crush, probably stemming from her admiration of Satoru’s courage and boldness (which wasn’t even young Satoru’s original demeanor). Satoru didn’t save her to have her wait 15 years alone (within that span of time, we don’t know if her Grandmother died) without the assurance that he would return. He saved her so that she could live a fulfilling life, with friends, with eventual love both romantic and platonic. By having her meet him with a baby in her arms indicates that she’s reached happiness and her arc, that Satoru basically sacrificed his life for, is finally complete. That’s why he’s crying. Because he did it. He made a difference. That was what Kayo represented for him. Not a potential lover, but the personification of his ability to change the cruel future that he originated from. Seeing her happy and with a family of her own, that was just confirmation for him. 

Plus, if ya’ll read the manga, you’d realize (just like I did at this very exact moment) that the way Satoru sees Kayo is not the same as the way he sees Airi. Airi believed in him from the beginning, even when he didn’t believe in himself. Airi trusted him. Airi supported him unconditionally. He realized that in front of Airi, he didn’t have to always be a hero. He could relax and be honest, something he couldn’t even do all the time in front of his own mother (who is the darn best I say, omg don’t even get my started, that woman is amazing).

For anyone is anime-only, the scene where Yashiro stops the papparazi didn’t happen. It wasn’t Yashiro. It was Airi. The scene between them is just marvelous, which leads to an ending that the anime isn’t producing. The anime is showcasing an alternate ending to the series, which I find very interesting, because I feel that they’re not rushing, but instead doing this purposefully since the entire series is based on “time traveling” and “changing the future by changing the past”, and perhaps the small differences in the anime, like Satoru not seeing Kayo return to school and rejoining the gang after she moved away like he did in the manga, is what led to Yashiro entering the scene rather than Airi. Regardless, you really see what Airi means and does to Satoru in these panels:

It was at this moment I realized that Satoru needed Airi in his life. Someone that would protect him as well and would always do her best, not just for herself, but for everyone around her. Someone that would always be an inspiration to him.

After this moment, Satoru begins the process of recalling all his alternate future memories as well as those from when he was a kid. 

So I hope I kinda helped everyone realize that Kayo was never meant to be a romantic interest for Satoru. It’s okay, I really did ship them too, trust me on this. But after I saw this scene in the manga, it hit me. Airi is the one that Satoru needs in his life, to support him, to inspire him, to help him. After this, I sat back I thought, “Wow, I guess it’s a good thing Kayo got married and had a kid. It’s all so clear now.” No joke. I have never switched ships before this manga, at least not as fast as I did here. Though I honestly believe the fandom doesn’t give Airi the credit she deserves. :<>

Please do continue to watch the series regardless of ships. It’s just too beautiful to focus only on the couples, because that isn’t what it’s about.

It’s about a man, who thought he was useless to the world, changing the past and saving lives. It’s about a man who made a difference in the world.

anonymous asked:

Please tell me more about Aoi Shouta! Like facts about him! Anything! I saw your post about him saying that he hated his voice as a kid and I thought ‘this pretty boy’s not all looks, after all’ so I want to learn more about him and support him along with the other seiyuu I love. PLEASE. TELL ME MORE ABOUT HIM. ALL THAT YOU KNOW. THANK YOU.

Oh dear.. everything I know about him? 

I can’t write everything I know in one post so maybe ask me this question again in a few months ^__^;; In the meantime I hope this will be enough so please prepare yourself for a wall of text. 

  • He was born in Fukui, Japan on 1987, August 11. He’s 27 this year. He’s a Leo. He was born in the year of the rabbit. He’s 172 cm tall (a little less than 5 ft 8 in). His blood type is B.
  • He mentioned a sister who’s older than him by 10 years.
  • His real name is said to be Yanagawa Shouta (柳川 翔太).
  • He was also known as Yanagawa Noburu (柳川 昇) & Ryuugaki Noboru (柳ヶ木 昇).
  • The first time he appeared publicly was under the name “Yanagawa Noboru” in 2004 at Yamaha Music’s Teens’ Music Festival. His song covers was highly praised by people.
  • He later debuted as “SHOWTA.” in 2006, and released 6 singles and 1 album.
  • He used the alias “Ryuugaki Noboru” early in 2010 and began to sing anime songs and became a seiyuu.
  • He decided to leave his agency and in October 2010, he joined his current one, S Co. Ltd. This was the time he began to go by the name, “Aoi Shouta”.
  • As “Aoi Shouta”, he currently has a total of 3 singles, 1 mini album, and an upcoming full album.
  • His first live was titlted「Virginal」<~ title of his first single.
  • His first live was on 2014 May 20. The tickets were sold out.

  • The reason his first single was titled “Virginal” was because “Virgin” means innocent, and has the meaning of “first / beginning”. 
  • It was his first single release as “Aoi Shouta”, as well as a new / first experience for his fans.

  • As I mentioned, he hated his voice to the point where he didn’t want to even hear himself in his head.
  • But since he felt that isn’t a good thing, especially being 16 at the time, he decided to participate in a karaoke tournament during a summer festival in his hometown, Fukui. That’s when he started to stop hating his voice. <~ I am forever grateful to this tournament. 
  • When he became a singer, it surprised his classmates at his high school. The reason was because although he often went to karaoke, he never went with high school friends, and also, in music classes, he tried his best not to stand out.
  • The reason he wanted to sing anime songs was because, he liked games and anime, as well as anime songs.
  • In his old agency, because he was rather new, and since it was a big agency, when he asked if he could do work involving games and anime, he was refused.
  • Since he felt that he had to, he told them if he isn’t allowed to work with anime or games, he would like to quit, and the agency accepted his decision.
  • After leaving his former agency, for a year or two, he worked as a freelance and on his own, he looked for live performances of anime songs that he could perform in.
  • In those years, he did all the scheduling on his own. 
  • Also, because he was on his own, he often didn’t know what to do, nor did he have anyone to get help from, so he had to figure everything out on his own. 

  • As a result of his older sister’s influence, when he was young he often watched shoujo anime, in particular, Sailor Moon.
  • He said that the bond between Rei & Usagi really moves him.
  • Even now, he still likes the Sailor Moon series.

  • When asked about his childhood, he mentioned cardboard friends.
  • The reason was because he liked imagining he was sitting in cardboard boxes because it calmed him.
  • And then he would jump out of his pretend cardbox, pretending that he had a sword in front of a full body mirror.
  • Speaking of him and cardboard he liked the smell of cardboard.
  • He makes typos a lot. “いぇーい” (Yay) became “えぃーい” (pronounced like Ey~), and now often he just uses “Ey~” on purpose.
  • He likes magic tricks.
  • The first time he went to karaoke was in middle school when his friend took him along.
  • Since it’s a waste to go karaoke and not sing anything, Shoutan sang a song he liked, his friend really praised his singing and that’s when he slowly began to go karaoke more and more often, and eventually he began to think about participating in the karaoke tournament in Fukui. That’s also when he started to participate in auditions.
  • The song is from Koda Kumi’s 4th single, “So Into You”
  • He really can’t do without having his cellphone with him constantly, otherwise he’d be anxious. Even if he were to be hospitalized, he would want his cellphone with him.
  • He likes cute things.
  • Sometime he’s been told that left an impression on him was that he had a high level of femininity.
  • He likes dancing (choreography).
  • Although there would be choreographers present, he would try dancing himself by copying people he admired.
  • If you didn’t know in the limited B version of Unlimited there will be a video of him giving a choreography lesson.
  • He likes the image of a girl with a thick braid and a hat and a white one piece dress.
  • He finds it sexy when a girl braids her hair.
  • He’s really good friends with Ono Kensho and Yamashita Daiki. They love eating meat / barbeque (yakiniku) together. 

  • He has REALLY REALLY amazing bed hair. To help with his bed hair he uses hair oil before sleeping after baths.

  • He’s been known to take selfies with those cardboard cutouts of himself when he releases a new single.

  • He’s also been known to often advertise Ai’s products, be it Ai’s keychain / strap, perfume, pen, teddy bear, jacket, etc.

  • He used to advertise Starbucks pretty often (I heard he went on a weekly basis) but I think he stopped going as often.
  • He’s quite the artistic person. (He likes drawing)

  • He’s released a photobook. Here are some of his childhood pictures from his photobook. He also released a 2015 calendar.

Also, this might be a little irrelevant but I know some people are hoping he’ll release an R18 CD / BLCD but that’s very unlikely. This is because he was originally a singer, not a seiyuu.

I’ll stop here ^__^;; I hope that’s enough for you Anon-san. ww I’ll see if I can continue this another day.

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A poor copy [of Robert],” Renly said with a shrug.
“Though much better dressed,” Littlefinger quipped. “Lord Renly spends more on clothing than half the ladies of the court.”
It was true enough. Lord Renly was in dark green velvet, with a dozen golden stags embroidered on his doublet. A cloth-of-gold half cape was draped casually across one shoulder, fastened with an emerald brooch. “There are worse crimes,” Renly said with a laugh. “The way you dress, for one.
—  Renly Baratheon, A Game of Thrones