Ever wanted to just sit back and “watch” Tumblr? Or maybe you’re tired of having that big black box (your TV) in your living room sitting in the boring position.

Personally, I wanted to watch some of the amazing tumblr blogs that are out there, as well as get a better slideshow for my TV.

So I built Tumblr for Chromecast!

Tumblr for Chromecast allows you to pick any one of your favorite blogs (could even be yours) and watch it as a slideshow on your TV.

All you need is a Chromecast and the Google Cast extension for the Chrome browser.

Tumblr for Chromecast displays photo posts, and certain video posts from whichever tumblr blog you choose, in a continuous slideshow. You can even have it display a random post using shuffle!

I built it as a bit of a fun weekend project to learn how to develop for Chromecast, and because I’ve been wanting a lazier (who doesn’t enjoy being lazy?) way to enjoy Tumblr.

This app will continue to be worked on so feel free to let me know about any ideas you might have, or about any issues (I’m not perfect).

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Open the app in Chrome: Tumblr for Chromecast
  2. Click the “Google Cast Ready” image
  3. Select which Chromecast device you want to cast to
  4. Enter a Blog URL in the input field

That’s it!

Enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, feel free to support development of this app by clicking a dollar amount on the top right of the app (God knows I could use more dollars).



Of fucking course she’s trying to insert herself into things, because nothing says “ethical journalist” like chasing the latest events and controversies to stay relevant. Funny that Wu is reverting back to her “I’m a real journalist!” act because it’s more important to her current narrative than her, “I’m a real game developer!” act.

But, no, do go on, Brianna. Tell us all about the ethics of false-flagging, sock-puppeteering, and professional victimhood.

Michael Koretzky of SPJ faced SJW infaced circles in tech journalism, over a shirt with a bare-shouldered woman.



I’m a sexist troll because I posted an image of Ashley Madison’s logo that reveals bared shoulders. I’ve offended all women, and so I deserve “public shaming.”

Because I’m such an “unapologetic unmitigated asshole,” the NICAR list is even proud of the “variety of people” who piled on.

I’ve always said there’s nothing more hypocritical than a thin-skinned journalist – we dish it out every day, yet so few of us can take it. But NICAR is even worse. It’s a thin-skinned bully.

These are journalists who gang up on one of their own kind and wail about how they feel threatened by a single email, while never addressing the real topic – how their design skills could stand improvement. Then they pat each other on the back for driving away the evil.

That’s not just hypocritical. It’s hysterical.

Comic for Nobody - Mars.

The first panel is a reference to Anita Vrataski from Edge of Tomorrow. Go watch that film if you haven’t seen it.

The comic premise is inspired by a tweet I made in response to some ridiculous article that gamedrops GG.

On August 15th I’ll be at Airplay trying to discuss Gamergate and the issues within the anti-consumer games media.

If there is interest I’ll make the Vivian image a full color poster.

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Games As Air(Play)borne Apps

Speaking of Apple and gaming, here's Sean Heber:

Apple now has everything they need to disrupt the game console industry in a way that none of them see coming. I predict that we’ll see a new AppleTV update (and hardware) this fall along with a new app extension type for AirPlay. AirPlay will become about more than just streaming video to your AppleTV - instead that’ll simply be one of the things you can do with it. Apps (mostly games, I suspect) will be able to bundle an AirPlay extension inside - just like how apps can now bundle photo editing or sharing extensions as of iOS 8. The key difference is where the AirPlay extension app actually executes - instead of running on your device itself from within another host app, the AirPlay extension app will be automatically uploaded to whatever AppleTV you are currently AirPlaying with and will run directly on the AppleTV natively instead. This means no video streaming lag and minimal controller lag. Your iPhone would then turn into a generic game controller with onscreen controls or, if you have a physical shell controller attached to your iPhone, it activates that instead. The game controller inputs are then relayed to the AppleTV and thus to the AirPlay extension app using the new game controller forwarding feature.

This is a very interesting idea — apps as air(play)borne viruses that “infect” the Apple TV unit. It sounds almost crazy enough to be true.

Remember that while it’s stated to have no internal storage, the Apple TV (the hockey puck variety) does actually have 8 GB of memory. This would certainly be enough for any single app (of which games are almost always the largest) to fully reside temporarily, while playing. 

The wild card here in my mind, is the input. The long-rumored new Apple TV box has long been said to be built around some sort of new control paradigm. Will a “magic wand” or some other such controller work with these games as well? Or will there be something else? Or will it simply rely on an iPad/iPhone?

[via John Gruber]