People compared the United passenger to Rosa Parks. Parks’ niece shut that down.

  • On Thursday, the attorney for David Dao — who was brutally dragged off a supposedly overbooked United flight on Monday — referenced an email he received calling Dao the “Asian Rosa Parks." 
  • Shortly after, USA Today issued and deleted a tweet mischaracterizing the comparison to the civil rights icon
  • Once the comparison kept creeping up, Parks’ niece responded with an unequivocal hell no.
  • In an interview with TMZ, Urana McCauley, Parks’ niece, said "you cannot compare the two.”
  • “I think that what Dr. Dao is going to do is probably change the policy of United Airlines, but actually what my aunt did was change history,” McCauley said.  
  • She added, “A lot of people like to compare themselves to her or like others, but there is no comparison.” Read more (4/14/17 10:18 AM)

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