While researching soviet AEW&C planes, I found this little gem:

You know what this is? It’s a Tupolev Tu-154 TRIJET AIRLINER!

lIKE HOLY SHIT, some gloriously mad soviet designer saw this wonderful beast, and said to him/herself “I’m gonna add a radome on top of it”, but s/he realized that it would interfere with the flow of air of the second, tail-mounted engine, so the best fucking solution this glorious motherfucker found was to simply expand the S-duck THROUGH THE RADAR! 

It was never produced, as the Il-76 was found to be the perfect platform for the new generation of soviet AEW&C aircraft, but can you imagine?

Goddammit russia, as much as I hate communism, for stuff like this I can never hate you. 


Five years after the renewal of its fleet, the largest airline in the world on Tuesday withdrew 20 MD-80 aircraft, one of the largest aircraft retirements in a single day in the history of airlines.
It is one of the largest aircraft retirements in a single day of all time, according to the company.
The MD-80 American Airlines has an average of 23 years of age, compared to about 10 years for the rest of the airline’s fleet.
The aircraft will be sent to the International Air Center Roswell, New Mexico.
Here is the list of aircraft taken from the fleet:
N403A, N436AA, N477AA, N479AA, N481AA, N482AA, N485AA, N486AA, N493AA, N499AA, N564AA, N565AA, N569AA, N570AA, N571AA, N70504, N7520A, N9401W, N9402W, N9404V.
Seram removed 45 aircraft MD-80 this year, most of them in the third quarter, and all of them until the end of 2017 as part of a renovation project of the fleet.
Economically, the MD-80 is no match for the newest Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft it replaced.
The American Airlines, which has ordered 460 new aircraft Airbus and Boeing in 2011, cited the 737-800 and A321 already replacing the MD-80 are 35% more fuel efficient on a per-seat basis.
Two other American companies MD-80 operators,
Delta Airlines and Allegiant, both plan the withdrawal of this model in the coming years.

anonymous asked:

What's a job a black wlw can work that allows her to travel anywhere? I want to be free from expectations of people and be myself and the only way I can do that is if I travel abroad and just send money to family and the occasional visit.

I’m actually a black wlw with this job. I work for an airline (come off anon if you wanna know which one) that allows me to have free domestic flights + only taxes on flights outside the US. It’s incredible and I couldn’t recommend it more.


Brussels Airlines A330 landing in Conakry!

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Sulphurblue, I have a solution to this whole plane ticket mess

Solo doesn’t want you to have their name. 

You want to meet Solo and beat them up or something idk. 

I can work as an intermediary on both of your behalfs. 

You purchase the plane ticket for me (since I’m already doxxed and idgaf, I’ll happily give you my full name and address) under a particular airline, and I will transfer it to Solo. The reservation number will change when the transfer occurs, giving Solo the anonymity they require, and you will get your fistfight or something. 

Nobody gets doxxed, and I will get the satisfaction of knowing everyone got what they wanted. 

Alaska Airlines just robbed me. I paid for a round trip flight for the 22nd to the 30th, I got an earlier flight on a different airline but still planned to use the return flight on Alaska. Because the outgoing flight was a no show, Alaska Airlines canceled BOTH flights without confirming with me. I called to ask them to give back the flight I paid for as I have every intention on using the return flight for the day originally agreed & they refused to give me what I paid for.

They clearly don’t think social media matters as I told them I was going to tell other people and they acted like they did not care. They also did not care in the slightest that they had an upset customer. We should not have to put up with airlines that rob customers.

Employees who screwed me over & just argued why it was ok for them to rob me: Sharron & Allie @ Alaska Airlines

Let them know if you screw over one customer, you screw over them all. Please share this.

Update: Thank you to Michael from Alaska Airlines for stating the flight I paid for is no longer canceled. Social media works to right wrongs again.
Trio forced off easyJet plane over false claims they support Isis
Before they were allowed back on the flight, Sakina was warned by her interrogator that further background checks would be conducted while she was in Italy.
By Jamie Grierson

What this article buries on paragraph 15 is that apparently one of them went on a “sponsored walk” in Iraq.

In the spirit of this being the next sob story to collapse within three days, I’m going to start a project of compiling every incident where a Muslim has hit the limelight very quickly and either turns out to have interesting views about Jews or actual links to terrorist organisations. If anyone has any examples like the following, message me or dump them in my asks.

Moderate Mateen’s Moderate Dad 


Sad Bethnal Green Dad, daughter radicalised on the internet by the evil ISIS men

Or not. 

100% Moderate Gold Star Dad

Within a week…



But there’s one aspect of the Jurassic Park franchise you’d expect companies wouldn’t want their products featured: as the technology. You know, since the only thing we really expect from a Jurassic Park movie is to see technology fail and the resulting dinosaur calamities. And yet, despite that, Samsung still really wanted to be the ones supplying phones for all the park employees, the ones that seem great at first, until they start dropping calls, which leads to two kids almost being eaten.

Samsung products are also used for the park’s security, allowing them to be featured prominently in the scene where the Murdersaurus gets away, and it’s this fancy Samsung smartwatch that lures a bunch of security guards to a brunch.

We don’t know about you, but the sight of a blood-spattered Samsung smartwatch leading an elite squadron of soldiers to their violent deaths isn’t really likely to get us to buy one for ourselves. Might just mosey past the Samsung store, in fact. Drive on down to the Apple store, even.

Or the nearest Amish community.

7 Times Movie Product Placement Backfired Hilariously