Risk Assessment Score 1: Nonaggressive, low risk to humans. Avoidance recommended but not strictly necessary.

These colossal creatures make their homes in the upper levels of the atmosphere and bear a passing resemblance to a whale, earning them the colloquial nickname “Monstro.” They continually consume clouds which they energize via the field of lightning in their stomachs to create thunderstorms. The purpose of creating storms is unknown, though it’s theorized that it’s a form of entertainment or play. For the most part, cloud eaters stay well out of reach of anything that might disturb them; on the rare occasion that they’re provoked, they have been observed to vent lightning from their mouths at potential attackers. It is advised to avoid documented cloud eater territories as cloud-eater-generated thunderstorms are significantly more deadly than an average storm, with very high winds, frequent lightning strikes, tornadoes, and other hazardous weather patterns.

(description edited and expanded by @medikalemergency)