Casualty S30E42 “Fear” Review

Air Date: 16.07.16

The Riain romance was at the forefront of last night’s episode as the lie that Rita created to manipulate Iain drives a wedge through the whole E.D. Most colleagues were disgusted and confused at Rita’s deceitful tale (two weeks ago she gained a black eye from a wing mirror and pretended that her ex had beat her up to make Iain feel bad for leaving her). Understandably, Iain is on edge this week but, with a little help from Jez, finally comes to terms with the lie. Most fans are probably just as surprised as Iain is that Jez has done something right. Let’s ignore the fact that Jez forgot to fill the ambulance with fuel earlier in the episode.

I may be one of the only people who loves Jez’s attitude and character, and I do think that Iain thinks the worst of him. As replacements go, Jez was the best one to replace Dixie.

I also may be the only person who is on Iain’s side. I mean, I don’t think we should be taking sides and, as Iain said himself, “one person couldn’t make all this mess”. I do think that the Riain relationship break-up was the result of both Rita’s possessiveness and manipulation and Iain’s lack of communication. The only reason I lean slightly towards Iain’s argument is because we have seen him try and talk to Rita many times before to tell her that she is being too full-on but Rita never lets him and uses sex to stop them from talking about his feelings. There’s even a scene where she is about to needle Iain’s private area when he bruises his testicles so (obviously) Iain tells Rita what she wants to hear, but there’s always an inclination that Rita secretly knows that Iain doesn’t want a relationship this serious. When the two of them first started seeing each other, it was never serious or official; it was a very cute, sexy, flirty fling in my opinion and Rita (understandably, as she was shaken up by her ex’s threats) changes these agreements without any consent from Iain.

The relationship aside, Rita was brilliant in this episode, she acted sensitively and professionally with the patients, and with the constant stares from colleagues but her exit from the show was so unexpected and unnecessary.

It appears that there have been more and more departures on the show this year, including too many long-running characters, like Tess, Dixie, Zoe and Big Mac who have all been pivotal to the show’s development over the years. I think I worked it out that, due to these losses, Louise is now the longest-running female character and this is just not right seeing as she is pretty mediocre and doesn’t really deserve that title in my opinion. On top of the names already mentioned, Lofty, Jack, Alicia and now Rita have also left the series and it seems very coincidental that it’s all happening so quickly.

I also find it very unrealistic that, especially Rita, can just state they are taking their unused holiday and just never come back. It seems that Zoe was the only one to actually hand in a notice of resignation and work their notice like normal people. Like, if I wanted to leave my job, I couldn’t just walk out, mumbling something about going on holiday, hinting at never returning. Rita, in particular, is a senior nurse and so has a lot of responsibility. However, Charlie seems absolutely fine with Rita just dropping everything, all her paperwork and chores, for Charlie to hire someone else to fill the role. What

None of these characters (aside from Alicia) have been confirmed to be returning for the 30th Anniversary next month, so we can’t get our hopes up either.

In terms of Jacob and Connie, yes it was heart-breaking seeing Jacob having to hide his relationship with Connie so that Grace is kept happy. I mean, we all know that Grace is the spanner in the works on this occasion because she is the only one who has a (unfair) problem with it.

In other news, Robyn is becoming more cold after Glen lied about his dead wife which is really interesting. I don’t like Ethan’s new glasses. Lily slayed her outfit, hair and demonstrated her unlimited wisdom with the facts of a rare disease, and Dylan is adorable with Rihanna. If only Max was just as happy. I definitely want Zax back as well as Riain.

Waiting Lessons - Air Review

When I first heard this song I was listening to it while flying back home after being gone for a month. It was one of those moments where the music just begins to fill your soul and you stare out the window with the song on repeat ready to begin your new life. This song still has the same effect when I listen to it, even now.

For fans of: Fleet Foxes, The Lumineers, Radical Face, Fort Atlantic

EDIT*** New CD Release concerts over the next 3 weeks for Dallas natives!


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