The high pitched singing harkens back to the castrati, a gleefully sick metaphor for Hannibal’s emasculation behind bars. Hannibal has fallen from grace; he is, as Frederic Chilton says, the monster of monsters. Marshall, director of Dog Soldiers and The Descent, has a playful touch with the lurid material; he really gets the humor, and his sense of pacing is impeccable, with the long, slow conversations interrupted by Dolarhyde’s violent lapses with reality.

Alana Bloom visits Hannibal. They face the camera head-on, ala Jonathan Demme. Hannibal’s cell, more of a largely vacant office, looks like a conflation of the antiseptic white bricks and metal bars of Manhunter and The Silence of the Lambs’s gothic, Hammer Horror dungeon of red brick, shrouded in shadows, with a wide glass wall perforated by breathing holes. Hannibal “The Cannibal” has been denied his freedom, as well as his once-glorious hair, yet he still maintains an air of dignity.






L-R Iru(Guitars); Kenzy(drums) A&D

I don’t know much about these 2 guys since I haven’t heard their latest album where they shared their expertise to the band fully.

A&D started with only a support drummer with their first 4 albums. Also with their first 4 albums they still have Saki on guitars. Saki left the band for he said he had a hard time making music. Iru, joined the group shortly after Saki left the band that’s after their [Lacrimosa] album.

So I have nothing to say yet about these guys but I gotta say Iru is so hot :P

Dog Brain

31 August, 2015

By Mark and Logan

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