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Earth, Water, Fire, Air

fire and earth are similar in their ambitions to achieve a great success by sacrificing themselves.

fire and air are similar in having the vigilance and spontaneity of enjoying new things.

fire and water are similar in being open-minded and understanding to others.

earth and air are similar in thinking logically and being punctual in life situations.

earth and water are similar in their modesty and compassionate selves.

air and water are similar in being care-free souls who want to be nourished by others.

Air emphasis: Clever, spaced out, communicative, cerebral, conceptual
Air deficient: Doubts intelligence, struggles in academic institution, sedate in thinking/longs to prove intelligence, over rational, worried, high functioning intellectual

Fire emphasis: Self confident, impulsive, initiative, dominant, energetic, uncontrollable, independent
Fire Deficient: Lethargic, lack confidence, reserved, underwhelmed, rational, guarded/ ultra restless and disorderly, impatient, forceful, angry, confused

Earth emphasis: ultra restless and disorderly, impatient, forceful, angry, confused, the physical body is a temple
Earth Deficient: Spaciness, disorderly, irresponsible, dependent, out of touch with basic living requirements, distant/overly cautious and serious, controlling, structured, anxious

Water emphasis: Receptive, fluid, hyper sensitive, emotionally focused, secretive, empathetic, withdrawing, solitary, idealistic
Water Deficient: Inability to comprehend and identify feelings, disregards emotions, low emotional intelligence/extremely moody and unstable, represses emotions until violent outburst, unpredictable

the Positive and Negative Qualities of the Four Elements

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The Element of Fire (Choleric)

  • Positive qualities: vigorousness, zeal, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, power of creativity, daring, sedulity…
  • Negative qualities: quarrelsomeness, irritability, urge to destroy everything, passion, immoderacy, jealousy, voraciousness, vindictiveness, violence, hate, anger, sudden ebullition…

The Element of Air (Sanguine)

  • Positive qualities: vigilance, care-freedom, kind-heartedness, trusting nature, clarity, lightness, independency, dexterity, optimism, diligence, acuity, joy, smiling…
  • Negative qualities: lack of perseverance, dishonesty, gossipy, cunningness, backbiting, garrulousness, inconstancy, touchiness, prodigality…

The Element of Water (Phlegmatic)

  • Positive qualities: understanding, placidity, mildness, trusting nature, devotion, mercy, forgiveness, modesty, compassion, fervour, pliancy, meditativeness, internalization…
  • Negative qualities: indifference, heartlessness, laziness, indolence, rigidity, lack of daring, lack of concern, unstableness, dejection…

The Element of Earth (Melancholic)

  • Positive qualities: consistency, conscientiousness, perseverance, punctuality, caution, resistance, responsibility, carefulness, firmness, reliability, sobriety, ambition, respectfulness, matter-of-factness…
  • Negative qualities: stuffiness, superficiality, laziness, indifference, cumbersomeness, touchiness, lack of conscientiousness, irregularity, timidity, scornfulness…

Read on for more information about these correspondences and how they can impact your life and witchcraft practices

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My latest tattoo: “The Cosmic Perspective” by the insanely talented Balazs Bercsenyi

This piece serves as a humbling reminder of our connection to the Universe at the largest and smallest scales.

The cosmic perspective not only embodies our genetic kinship with all life on Earth but also values our chemical kinship with any yet-to-be discovered life in the universe, as well as our atomic kinship with the universe itself. Symbolized by the elements of earth, air, fire and water, the design illustrates our interconnectedness to the processes of our planet. In the bottom center, a stylized carbon stone represents the key elemental component of all known life on Earth. Emerging from there, a symbol for humanity gaining consciousness and pondering its connection to cosmos, gazing at the galactic and stellar processes in which we came from.

I hope this design serves as a daily reminder to embrace the unknown, to stay curious, to stay humble, to remain open-minded and ultimately cherish our brief moment in the Sun.

Elemental Mars & Anger

Water Mars: Deep emotional anger, anger is almost always associated with an emotional stimuli. High chance of being angry criers. Anger is held deeply inside the psyche. Emotions overflow into the anger, making the anger more overwhelming for longer.

Earth Mars: Slow to anger but angry for a while. Usually has a couple different reasons for anger. Tries not to show ugly anger. High tolerance for control of anger but does have a limit. Harbors anger but tries not to let it cloud their ambitions.

Air Mars: fleeting anger that is usually suppressed by logic. Verbal attacks, or rational attacks. Either eeriliy calm when super angry, or go completely batshit. No in between. Unpredictable anger when reached a certain limit.

Fire Mars: Impulsive anger. Quick to ignite but flutters out quickly. Anger and passion can be blurred by others. Can swing into and out of anger. Emotionally driven anger, but not as deep as Water. Dry anger that usually is loud and brash, demands to be noticed.