Ain't no mystery

Northwest Mansion Mystery Movie poster by phenomenon
This is undeniably one of the best episodes of Gravity Falls. From the story, to character interactions/development to the gorgeous animation and dark theme. I love the style of the poster, it looks like an old horror movie poster that you would see on a retro channel! Awesome art for an awesome episode!

Mystery Scribble Theater Hiatus - Week #2: Yongary

Still on a comic break, but you guys are almost always going to get art at some point on Mondays. :D

“Hey-hey! Ho-ho! Yongary says this building’s GOT TO GO!”

Crow T. Robot in monster jammies is kind of adorable. And he gets to break things! This is a win-win for Crow.

I know there’s gotta be some lucky Kickstarter backer who got this particular Crow. If you’re out there, I want to see your goofy Korean monster robot in his new home please!

I may have shared this one on Twitter or FB before (I can’t remember), but it’s not been on Tumblr yet, so it’s officially logged now.

Thanks for sticking around, friends! New comics will be here soon enough!
Things that Kate Wetherall is Officially Not Allowed to Do at Meetings, a By No Means Comprehensive List Assembled Over the Course of Several Months -by Constance Contraire

1. Refer to the collective members of the Society as The Great Kate Weather Machine and Her Stormy Companions.

2. Attempt to chime in to discussions by quoting the battle speech from Braveheart.

3. …Or any other, completely unrelated scenes from Braveheart.

4. Underscore anyone’s speeches by shouting “Amen!”, “Can I get a witness?”, or “Cowabunga!”

5. Underscore anyone’s speeches by waving one of those giant foam fingers from sporting events.

6. Underscore anyone’s speeches by playing dramatic music in the background.

7. Okay, who the hell gave Kate a kazoo?

8. Giggle every time someone uses the word “duty.”  Seriously, are you five?

9. Make a series of straight-faced, somber-sounding comments designed to include the word “duty” as many times as possible.

9a. [Amended, after the giggling proves contagious.] Okay, now nobody is allowed to say “duty”, are you happy?

9b. I wasn’t laughing, I was coughing, and anyway, that’s not – look, can we move on?

10. Anything involving sock puppets, for any reason.

11. For the purposes of 10, “sock puppets” also includes puppets not made of socks.

12. Okay, who the hell gave her kazoo back?

“I owe you?“

“I owe you? I owe you!? I don’t owe you anything! I never wanted it to be this way!”

*It doesn‘t matter if you wanted it to be this way or not, it happened and you can’t change that unless you follow my instructions. You can get your ‘happy ending’, but like I said before, it will cost you.


*I can only do so much like this. It already cost me most of your worlds code to make you this interactive… but once I get it back, you’ll be a free monster. You’ll be a hero.


“What do you want me to do?”

*I think it’s pretty clear what you must do. Set your priorities straight and stick to them. I don’t know how much time we have until they come back.

“But So-”

*Stop worrying about him and get back to it. The last thing we need is him to mess this up for us. Just stay away from him for now, he’s just slowing you down. The sooner we are done with this, the sooner I can get out of here and you can have that happy ending of yours worry-free. Capiche?

“You know he’ll probably get suspicious.”

*That’s what the hat is for. Look, I need to go now. All I can say is use it ONLY when you absolutely need to. Don’t make me regret giving you this.

“Hey- wait! How the hell do I use it? What does it do exactly???”



I love how in the teasers OB is tryna be all mysterious and shit but all the fans are like
“Idc about this bullshit, where’s my Delphine”
“That’s fuckin Veera Suominen, don’t give us this ‘Who is MK?’ bs, we know it’s fuckin Veera”

…or both