Ain't he the cutest


So based on Naruto SD episode where I spotted Tenzo with cat ears, I had to do a re-draw. Which turned out unexpectedly cute! <3 Of course it called for Kakashi’s reaction on seeing his bae this super kawaii. I’m so satisfied with myself right now… :D 


How baekhyunnie dances to TT 😚


Kyungsoo being Kyungsoo


How puppy likes to blow kisses 😘😘


Four years taught me a lot.

I’ve learned it’s okay to take two naps a day, as long as you still get your homework done first.

I learned that I like harder music than breaking benjamin, and I’ve learned I don’t know how to mosh.

I learned that I like putting makeup on. I learned I hate taking it off. And I learned I get bad acne because of it. I learned to take my makeup off every night.

I’ve learned I like to make drastic changed to my hair when I can, like go blond or cut nearly all of it off. I learned I am not a beautician and should stop making these changes on my own.

I learned that you should only be friends with people who make you happy. Don’t stay friends with people who treat you like shit because you deserve better and should only surround yourself with people who make you genuinely happy.

I learned you don’t have to love family just because they’re family. People can still be shitty people, and you shouldn’t forgive them just because your DNA’s similar. 

I’ve learned I have horrible problems with jealousy, and I’ve learned to stop acting on impulse because of it.

I’ve fallen in love, I’ve fallen out of love, and I’ve fallen back into it.

I’ve learned the only thing trigonometry is useful is fucking pre-calculus and yo, fuck that shit. 

I learned to stop judging people so much. I learned that everyone has a lot of shit to deal with.

Oh, and I learned to curse a lot.