Gramps: Maybe you should go to that Festival y´know?

Aiko: ….. why?

Gramps: You know…to make friends, see stuff, have FUN, TALK TO OTHERS??

Aiko: I don’t need to talk to others *pouts*

Gramps: Really Aiko?…Serena is not here and Beret is busy with his family, surely you are bored and a little lonely?

Aiko: I´m not lonely I have you! Besides! I don´t like snow

Gramps: oh c'mon! you are young! go have some fun Aiko

Aiko:  You will keep bothering me about this until I say I’ll go, right?

Gramps: yes my dear company.

Aiko: hmph! OK OK I´LL GO! Bu I won´t talk to anybody!

Gramps: Thank you Aiko *he smiles*

Aiko: yeah yeah…you want me to bring you something?

Gramps: anything you like

Aiko: ok then. I´m off Gramps!

Gramps: Take care!

((Aiko is open for Snow fest interactions!!))