Everytime I see a post bemoaning the fact that Bryke totally missed a chance to really explore Korra’s PTSD in Book 4, I keep thinking that the entire LoK fandom needs to watch Oban Star Racers, which not only has several characters dealing with PTSD in their own personal ways that doesn’t end abruptly but also has the following:

  • Kickass main female protagonist
  • Gay mechanics and lesibian vampire bikers
  • Awesome art (just really really awesome art)
  • Excellent animation
  • Creepy looking creatures and awesome character designs
  • A multicultual cast of human characters

Also, it’s only 26 episodes long and the creators has expressed desire to return to this universe so please watch Oban Star Racers, members of the LoK fandom, you will not be disapointed.

Just look at these scenes:

Mokka Week is coming back!!!

Starting August 2nd will be Mokka Week 2015, a celebration of the pairing that is Molly and Prince Aikka from the beautifully animated Oban Star Racers. By a series of votes on DeviantArt, the dates and themes have been chosen to commence Mokka Week 2015. 


Fanart, fanfiction, graphics, gifs, music videos, fan poetry

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Without further adieu, here are the dates and themes for this year’s Mokka Week

Mokka Week 2015

Sunday, August 2nd: No Words

Monday, August 3rd: Shooting Stars

Tuesday, August 4th: Monster Boy/Girl

Wednesday, August 5th: Rainbow

Thursday, August 6th: Healing

Friday, August 7th: Sky

Saturday, August 8th: Video Games

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How OSR characters react to spiders
  • Rick Thunderbolt:Sees a spider, doesn't tell Don Wei about it.
  • Don Wei:Kills spider by smashing it with his fist, ends up spraining his arm in the process
  • Jordan C. Wilde:Destroys spider on the wall by shooting at it. He uses up 500 rounds of ammunition, wastes about 499 into the wall itself, which crumbles into rubble after he's done
  • Prince Aikka:Destroys spider on the wall with one arrow. Ends up splitting wall in half.
  • Molly/Eva Wei:Destroys spider by smashing the Whizzing Arrow III into it.
  • Stan and Koji:screaming and crying as they watch their baby get wrecked by Molly... Yet again.
  • Satis:Tries to talk to spider, but spiders don't talk. He remarks how rude spiders are.
  • Canaletto:Destroys entire planet because there was a spider.

So I decided to rewatch the entire series of Oban Star Racers in the last two days…god I wished there was a second season for this series. ;w;

Probably will finish these sketches later…also included the watermark just in case of anything :P


So I recently spent a copious amount of time pulling Oban screenshots from my DVDs (mainly Mokka) for some videos and other stuff I’m going to make. And while doing so I found my favorite shot of Aikka and Jordan period. Their expressions are priceless. Just felt like sharing. ^^