The Beygency

He was a normal man… with an ordinary life… until one day… he turned against his country… and its queen.


“Pretty quickly, Kate and I were like, Oh, you’re for me and I’m for you. We’re for each other. Very quickly we were both comfortable being our best and worst selves in front of each other. SNL’s so intense and the hours are so long that you get to know people really well. But I would say even beyond that, we just know each other like sisters. Really.” - Aidy Bryant

“Comedian and actress Aidy Bryant is one of the youngest people ever hired on Saturday Night Live. She is a fan favorite and plays a wide range of hilarious roles (our favorite is “Lil Baby Aidy”). She gets asked regularly about how her size affects her career and her life (and occasionally openly ridiculed for it), and she is consistently positive. 

In an interview for Bust magazine in Oct. 2015, she said, “I had a sense that I was different. I felt like what made me different is what made me prom queen. I’ve been lucky to, thus far in my life, feel like my size or my personality are assets to me that made me unique from the pack. And so far it’s been pretty easy for me to keep that perspective as opposed to being ashamed of those parts of myself.” We love this perspective. While Aidy isn’t defined by her size or shape, she owns it as one of her characteristics that has made her who she is.” 

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