Wanted to celebrate Kirby’s 25th by drawing a little something. It was hard to finish because I kept getting distracted by playing Team Kirby Clash, ironically. But it’s done woo! I wanted to sorta imitate the Kirby’s 25th art style while still having my own style. It worked out pretty well! I can’t wait to see what Kirby games they have in store for us in the future and I hope Kirby has more years to come!

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Apologies if you've been asked before, but i'm in love with your glutton knight concept and I was curious. Do you think there'd be any non-human ones? Often horses and occasionally even dogs wore armor when brought into battle, (I live near an armory museum so I've even seen some on elephants and the like) so i'm curious to know if it only affects humans !!

Nope! Becoming a glutton knight requires some form of intent. It’s not just magical contamination and armor that makes them what they are; the combination of duty, the doggedness in which they are trained to pursue their quarry, and the righteous aggression towards supernatural creatures all play into what REALLY makes a glutton knight: their preternatural thirst for magical blood.

Which isn’t to say that animal armor doesn’t become part of a knight at times. Glutton knights will shed irreparably damaged, undersized, or otherwise unsuitable armor like hermit crabs and replace it with whatever metal they can find. Those not driven by vanity (or maybe just with weird fashion sense) may make…odd…choices.

An older knight known only as Kerberos is known for incorporating the helms of its fallen steeds into its armor, for example, and even mutating around them to form false ‘heads’. It’s not the only knight to undergo pronounced bestial changes due to deliberate choice in animal-themed armor.

Taz Spoilers

YO can we talk about the fuckin imagery in today’s episode?!
Like, we had so many touching and wonderful moments:
Merle doing a touching, hopeful sermon to the church he created
The giant rebar staff robot (who I swear is troth from taz Knights) with the huge crystal full of souls

But simultaneously there were great goofs
Magnus dual-wielding flamethrowers and successfully peeing at the same time
Magnus dying of poison cuz he fucking needed to eat the hard candy he packed for the trip
Lup literally finding two guns and empties both of their clips into the air shouting “COUNT THE SHELLS!”

I love my sad goofy children
Thank you McElroy boys for giving us such a beautiful series