It has been decided that SPYAIR’s “I’m A Believer” (アイム・ア・ビリーバー) will be the opening theme of TV anime, “Haikyu!! -Second Season-”!

“Haikyu!! Second Season” Opening Theme
「アイム・ア・ビリーバー」/ “I’m a Believer”
October 21 Release!

Limited Edition: ¥ 1,111 + tax / AICL 2996
* “Haikyu!!” anime illustration comic style jacket
Pre-order: / HMV ONLINE / YesAsia / YesAsia USA

Regular Edition: ¥ 926 + tax / AICL 2997
Pre-order: / HMV ONLINE / YesAsia / YesAsia USA

1. アイム・ア・ビリーバー
2. イマジネーション (Live at FUJI-Q HIGHLAND 2015.8.8)
3. アイム・ア・ビリーバー (inst.)


凛として時雨 『es or s』
New Mini Album / 2015.9.2 Release
初回生産限定盤:CD+7inch Analog AICL-2947~8 ¥4,000(tax out) ※数量限定
通常盤:CDのみ AICL-2949 ¥1,850(tax out) ※初回仕様のみ:ジャケットサテンステッカー封入

<Disc 1 (CD)>
2. Mirror Frustration
3. Karma Siren
4. Tornado Mystery
5. end roll fiction

You'll Fall in Love With Demi Lovato's New Puppy After Seeing These Pictures - Puppy smuggling proves ‘highly profitable’ alternative to drug dealing

Puppy smuggling proves &housands of puppies are smuggled into Scottish pos every month from Irish puppy farms, Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSCPA) investigators say. Trendy breeds such as pugs and Chihuahuas are being sold for £500 to £1,000 …Crooks swap drug dealing for PUPPY smuggling - with key players earning £30k a … dealers turn to illegal puppy tradeThe Times (subscription)all 4 news aicles »

Wolf cub Nikai discovering play with a puppy

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You’ll Fall in Love With Demi Lovato’s New Puppy After Seeing These Pictures

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Station Coordinator Required in Air India Charters (AICL), August 2015

Station Coordinator Required in Air India Charters (AICL), August 2015

Station Coordinator

Last Date:- 28th August 2015

Mode of application:- Offline

Mode of Selection:- Pre-employment Medical Examination and Personal Interview

Job Location:- All India

Name of post:- Station Coordinator

No of Post:- 06

Age limit:- 35 years

Scale of pay:- Rs.25000/- per month

Educational Qualification:-  Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University

Application fee:-Rs.5…

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愛狂います。aicle - 2006-2012


  1. 球形無限連鎖~ミズタマ~
  2. 僕は魔王
  3. 眼球ワルツ
  4. 猫の刻参り
  5. デスロリ調ポップス
  6. シドロモドロ
  7. 星空、堕ちた
  8. ネクロノミコン
  9. 裏姫
  10. トウメイニンゲン
  11. スイマセンでした。 
  12. ~おしまい~
  13. 心臓
  14. 豚の王様「ニトログリセリン」
  15. 文化≠包丁
  16. 【d2b2】 


  1. ・・・うしろ。
  2. 骸骨のうた
  3. メルトダウン
  4. オカルト・キラー
  5. 首輪
  6. ハンマー≦ヘッド
  7. 相対性【秘密】理論~タイムマシン2~
  8. うさぎ
  9. サイコ×レタア
  10. オーバードライヴ
  11. まみむめモンスター君
  12. ケセラ:セラ
  13. あおいろ1号
  14. 暗殺-ANSATSU-
  15. スターマイン
  16. ゴメンなさい。
  17. Cとソプラノ
  18. ネジリウム

Disc-3 PV

  1. 球形無限連鎖~ミズタマ~
  2. 猫の刻参り
  3. シドロモドロ
  4. ネクロノミコン
  5. トウメイニンゲン
  6. 心臓
  7. ハンマー≦ヘッド
  8. サイコ×レタア
  9. ケセラ:セラ
  10. スターマイン
  11. Cとソプラノ

Limited edition includes 2CD + DVD with almost all PVs.
Purchased 2012.04.19

I’ve been sitting here for the past twenty minutes, wondering how I should introduce myself…

Hello! I am Satoshi, the vocalist and one of the guitarists of Yeti. Some of you might know me better as Emiru while I was in Aicle., which is perfectly acceptable. I’ll be expecting you to check out my new band, though! 

I’m not really picky about what you want to call me. You can come up with your worst nickname for me and I’ll do one better! Take that as a fair warning. Please don’t be too mean. I might cry.

As far as my personality goes, I have a pretty big one. You’ll have to get to know me and experience the full thing to really get an idea. If you do decide to become one of my friends, I promise that I’m always going to be there. Through thick and thin. 

Don’t be afraid to approach me. I’m very friendly and I enjoy interacting with others. So, come say hi!