Blapck from Ahncon

Good times were had, wonderful sweet people, thank you for putting up with my awkwardness.

Pleased to report I acquired that Holy Grail of Yaoi Manga: Tokyopop’s That’s So Raven! Cine-Manga vol 2: The Trouble With Boys

- so many dave striders
- kc bbq is goooooooooood
- seriously so many daves
- jogging through an oncoming snowstorm + followed by hot bath + followed by terrible movie = best
- these are the daves i know i know, these are the daves i know

gonna go fall over now

The Daleks are invading Earth, and only the Doctor can stop them.  There’s only one problem - he’s a bit tied up at the moment.

So I wrote a show for this yaoi/slash convention called Ahn!Con…

I’m also playing the Doctor in it (hence my stage name there on the poster), joined by Annie-Mae Allure, Eartha Delights, Lilith Moon, Lotus LaFleur, and Lovina Lady.  We may have another special guest or two turn up.  If you are 17+ and like a really funny, geeky burlesque show, this is the one for you.

Join us 10 pm-midnight on January 11 at the Ramada Kansas City for a lascivious lark through British pop culture.