Rebranding Contest announcement!

As said earlier, My-Little-Art-Challenge is being rebranded into Lil-art-challenge, and with that comes a new mascot! This is an ACTUAL contest as opposed to a regular challenge, and it will be reblogged over the course of the rest of July.

Anyway, here is the current avatar:

This drawing of Derpy was done by Ahmedz forever ago and has represented the art challenge for over 5 years(yes, we’ve been around that long). However, the art challenge is no longer restricted to MLP-related content and hasn’t been for a number of years, and I believe now’s as good a time as any to change things up!

The Two Rules

The submission must be drawn at or around 30 minutes

This is in place simply to keep in spirit of what this blog has always been about: 30 minute illustrations. I have no way of monitoring how long you spend on your contest submission, so I have to trust that what’s being submitted was done on a time limit.

The submission cannot be pony, but it must reuse the colors of the old Derpy illustration

Avatars tend to be a bit small and recognized at a glance based on subject matter, colors, etc. To hold onto a level of familiarity all submissions must use the base colors of Grey, yellow, white and blue-ish purple used on the old Derpy illustration. 

Also, to reiterate, to encourage an atmosphere of a wider, more general subject of challenge topics, the winning illustration cannot be pony. MLP related art challenge topics will never go away and are always encouraged, but we have broadened the subject matter of challenges over time. 

And that’s about it! Want to make up an OC? Go abstract? Symbolism? Something else super clever? Go for it, just don’t overthink it!



The winning submission will become our new avatar and the artist who made it will be rewarded of any game or collection of games up to $20 from Steam, Origin, HumbleBundle or Good Old Games!


Please remember to label your submission as “Avatar Contest Submission” as we’ll be still having regular challenges starting back on July 18th!

The Submissions box is linked here!


The first interview of my new series “Ask the Tumblr Ponies” is out! In this episode I have words with the mod of RaindropsAnswers, Ahmedz. Check it out if you have the time, won’t you? :D

You can find his blog at http://raindropsanswers.tumblr.com/
His mod blog is at http://datahmedz.tumblr.com

Feel free to poke me with any questions you have on the series or requests for artists you’d like to see.


I am the worst human being. THIS IS HOW I WELCOME HIM TO THE COUNTRY.


these rely were the only pics I took this weekend. really all I needed. I’ll explain more later but basically 1) baseball game Thursday 2) derpy plush 3&4) 2 of the few panels I saw. 5-7) me with Rhody, Vron & Rai. I had a great time and I can’t believe it’s over already. this weekend flew by