Imam Hussain (as)’s Last Sermon - To Umayyad Army in Karbala

On the 10th of #Moharram in 61 A.H, Imam Hussain (as) admonished the army of Banu Umayyad in Karbala by giving an eloquent Sermon.

“Prophet (saws) raised me up by feeding the Divine Prophecies. I am the son of Prophet (saws) and my mother is ‘Batool’ (as). I have been created as infallible Imam. I have the privilege of being the son of Amir-ul- Momaneen, Ali (as). I am the son of that who holds the key to the future events and sustenance of the whole universe. Hassan (as) has brought me up to his customs. I am the Divine authority, recognise me prior to declaring war against me. Be aware! You will close all the doors of forgiveness by killing me. You are doing this for the attraction of your leader’s promised rewards, but if you ask me, I can bless you thousands’ time more than that. (I know) collecting filth is in your genes. You are unable to comprehend and (debate with doubts) that we regularly travel through the milky ways. (Be aware) Stars are nothing else but aftermath of footprints. North pole finds its direction from us (as). Ours destination is in ‘Qabah Quosaan’ (The highest point in the heavens); and ‘Bait-ul-Mamoor’ (the highest point in skies where Divine Throne is located) is our residence. ‘Bismilla’ refers to our beginning and ‘Yakhamah’ concludes with our (attributes). ‘Innamah’ describes our Divinity and Purity, ‘Allif-lam’ is on our introduction, ‘WalAsr’ is about our glandular status, The Verse of ‘Feel’ is the narration of our past, ‘Walfaj’ has borrowed colours from us, ‘Filqurbah’ (The verse which says that it is compulsory to love Ahlulbayt a.s) is the means to seek nearness to us, the verse of ‘Dahr’ is on our generosity, ‘MinYashra’ defines our rights, ‘Al-Taha’ is about our way of life, the Verse of ‘Muzimmil’ is our outfit, the verse of ‘AlQadr’ authenticate our (Divine) rights, it is in our jurisdiction to change the direction of ‘Qabateen’ (Two directions for offering prayers) we attend to the needs of others in ‘Rukku’ of prayers. Our traditions became the principles of religion; we are the ‘Ibrahim’.
However, those who could not gain guidance from 63 years of preaching will not beinfluenced by my words. You are blinded by the ‘worthless’ rewards and are inclined to disgrace Holy Prophet’s family (asws)-which would result in your eternal punishment.

(Nahjul Asrar, referene, Usool-e-Kafi, vol, 1, chapter 20).

‏لا تبحث عن باعث لتبغض الناس ، و لا تتبعن عيوب الناس و أصلح نفسك، و أعلمُ إنك تفخر بهذا الاحترام ولكنك لست سوى طينٍ و ماء

Stop looking for reasons to hate people. Stop focusing on others and fix your own character. I know it makes you proud to have some honor, but you are only mud and water.

—  Imam Ali كرم الله وجهه
How beautiful is
The journey of Salah:
When you fall to your lowest 
You draw closest to Allah (96:19).
So fall in your sujood and cry,
As you praise your Lord the Most High.


The servant is nearest to his Lord during prostration, so increase your supplications therein.
 -Prophet Muhammad (saww) [Sahih Muslim]

If a praying person knew to what extent he was surrounded by Allah’s Mercy, he would never raise his head from Prostration.
-Imam Ali (as) [Tasnif al-Ghurar al-Hikam]

Benefits of the Reciting of the Holy Quran

1- Reciting the Holy Quran entitles you to be among the rememberers, the obedient, the humble ones, the delivered, the jurisprudents, and not the unmindful. It will entitle you to the reward of the charity of a Qintar.

2- Whoever recites a verse from the Quran, ten good deeds will be written for him and ten bad deeds will be written off.

3- Whoever recites the Quran only by looking at it and not by heart, will benefit from his eyes and will diminish the chastisement of his parents even if they are unbelievers.(Ibid.,p.853)

4- Whoever recites the Quran by looking at it, not reciting by heart, will torment Satan.

5- Whoever recites the Quran by looking at it will not only enjoy the reward of recitation but also his looking at the Quran is a kind of worship. In this relation, Abu Tharr reports: “I heard the Messenger of Allah say: ‘Looking at Ali ibn Abi Talib is worship, as the looking kindly and mercifully at one’s parents is worship, and the looking at the Quran and the Ka’ba is also worship.” (wasa'il shia vol 4 p. 854)

6- Reciting every chapter of the Quran, as mentioned in Usool al-Kafi, has special benefits such as being safeguarded against certain diseases and the torment of the grave. Increased sustenance, relieving of pain, happiness, reward of a martyr, forgiveness of sins, safety, and entering paradise are other benefits.