Meet Cherymoya, the queen taschevah.
she is a mix of dhuhoo and sczent taschevah. the mother was a Dhuhoo, so most of her genes dominate over her parent’s sczent’s, however, his enormous size was one of the good things that she aqquired from him.
She is the queen of her tribe and she her word is law. she’s extremely capable as a guider, advicer and also as a mother. she protects her trive with all her might, and organizes them efficiently in case of danger.

She does have, however, a dark side: like all Dhuhoo Taschevah queens, if Cherymoya gives birth, or finds a baby taschevah that does not look capable of living under her ruling, she’ll devour it. it is actually a favorite treat of hers, though its not a common one. aside from that, she’s very ferocious when it comes to defending her sandstone city.

She hates flying. the first time she did it as a child, she found an intense fear for not having her pawhooves over any surface, so she decided not to do it again. Instead, she asks one of her servants to scout the area and report the situation of her surroundings.

She’s also extremely lustful. she enjoys sex and prefer those who are able to pin her gigantic body down, as “playmates”. generally, those who can achieve that have the strongest children.

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“In the Bones”
Another piece I am trying to pull out of my head, something new and a little more challenging overall since I can’t do my coloring digitally anymore. So painting this will be quite the task, especially dust and floating debris.

Ahkahna and Derk after their “Awakening”, much, much later on down the road.

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