7th Day of Fakiru-week: Wedding

The duck changes a girl, and the girl becomes a princess,and then the princess wears the birde dress, holding the groom.
I want to see this Scene in the Fakir and Ahiru’s wedding.
By the way, the wings of Ahiru’s birde dress represent the white swan princess, and light yellow bridal dress is the color of the duck.Ahiru is a duck, but her heart is like the noble white swan

Fakir and Ahiru, Princess Tutu © Ikuko Itoh


Published on Sep 28, 2016


i have always wanted to draw fakir and ahiru doing different styles of dance!!!! 

i didnt think i was going to be able to keep serious about drawing fakir is 70s clothing but i d id it. 


(also apologies for wonky anatomy over messiness of these i didnt feel like doing the thing with effort)