the boy that stood by the sea, 2/3

Killian has been a part-time carer for Henry Cassidy for nearly five years now, over which time he has come to appreciate and value the balance it’s brought to his mostly tumultuous existence. But when Neal remarries and brings someone new into their lives, he finds his precarious peace about to be disturbed forever. All he knows is this - no matter what happens, somebody has to fight for Henry’s happiness.

(Which may well make Emma Swan the best damn thing that ever happens to them.)

Captain Cobra Swan. Loosely based on Henry James’ ‘What Maisie Knew’.

ao3 ||  part 1

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Rating: T
Warnings: minor character death and also a slight tw for.. certainly not abuse, but perhaps what some could delicately consider dubious treatment of a child. some parents don’t always get it right, even when they desperately want to.

now, owards! 

By the time Killian throws open the door to his apartment, his entire body is thrumming with fury.

“What sort of time do you call this?”

He feels a modicum of his ire drift away when he realises it’s not Neal standing on the other side, but Emma, looking suitably chastened as she stares up at him through her lashes. The curve of her mouth is turned downwards, a crease tugging her eyebrows together, but Killian refuses to let it affect him. He is pissed. And he has a damn good reason to be.

“I call it ten o’clock at night and three days late,” Emma says, wincing a little as she does.

“Good,” Killian hisses, “then at least we’re on the same bloody page.”

Neal was supposed to come pick up Henry three days ago. Instead, the pair of them had been met with a radio silence from Cassidy senior and Killian struggling to explain why they were unpacking Henry’s suitcase for the third night in a row, only to optimistically repack it together the next day. He had no idea what to tell Henry, who took it all in with cryptic looks at the door and a rigid focus on his play. Killian has no idea what he’s really been thinking.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry,” Emma keeps her voice low, although she is at something of a loss seeing as he makes no move to invite her inside, and folds her arms across her chest. She looks as contrite as he’s ever seen her. “It was a friend of mine and Neal’s, he had a bit of a crisis. Well, three crises I guess.”

Finally Killian relents, pushing the door open wider so Emma can step over the threshold.

His irritation hasn’t waned. “There is always a crisis with Neal,” he grouses. Always some excuse, always unavoidable circumstances that aren’t his fault. Half the time Killian wonders if he even realises how little he ever takes the blame for. “You know what would have been nice?” he continues in a clipped tone. “A phone call. Or a text message. Or an answer to any of the numerous phone calls or text messages I sent him.”

Emma leans forward to peer around Killian as if Henry might magically materialize. Instead she’s met with the dimmed corridor of his apartment, light from the kitchen casting long shadows through the doorway across the laminated floor.

“Can I take him now?”

Killian bristles, glancing over his shoulder at the door to Henry’s bedroom. “He caught the flu yesterday morning,” he informs her, keeping his voice scarcely above a murmur lest they accidentally wake the boy. “You’d be better off letting him sleep.”

Emma bites her lip. “He can sleep in my car.”

Killian shakes his head urgently. “Emma, he has a temperature of well over a hundred. What he needs right now is some undisturbed rest.”

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At age 15 Jack Morrison was the youngest person on his high school wrestling team.

At age 16 he set new records in both track and swimming.

At age 18 he entered ROTC and left home to attend college.

At age 22 he graduated with honors and became an officer of the US Army.

At age 25 he volunteered for the experimental Super Soldier program and recieved biotic enhancement to his strength, speed, and reflexes.

At age 30 he served with distinction in the Omnic Crisis.

At age 32 he was tapped to become leader of Overwatch, a multinational peacekeeping task force.

At age 50 he survived an attempted coup of Overwatch instigated by the mysterious Talon Organization, led by his close compatriot Gabriel Reyes.  Having escaped the destruction of Overwatch’s HQ, he faked his death and went into hiding.

At age 51 he began acting as a rogue agent, identified only as ‘Soldier 76′ as he began attacking key points held by the Talon Organization and their affiliates in a one-man campaign to uncover the truth behind the fall of Overwatch.

At age 55 during a firefight in Greece, he was pushed off a cliff by a 19-year-old pro gamer who’d been given an advanced combat mech by the Korean government.

“Winky faaaaaaaaaace!” she called out as he fell to his death.


Inktober days ??? (time has no meaning) - Dragon Age in Suits

Allright allright so Isabela should be in the middle chronologically, but you can’t deny they either look like a band here or members of a very attractive crime syndicate.