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“Harry,” he said in a faux-casual voice. “…Would you mind explaining why there is an elephant behind me?”
Harry swallowed as his eyes flickered back to the huge creature. It waved its trunk at him.
“I have no idea,” he responded hollowly.
Voldemort continued to grin in a way that was actually much more threatening than his previous glower.
“…Why is it pink?”
“I have no idea,” Harry repeated in that same empty tone. His eyes darted back to Voldemort’s. “Let's…let’s not address it.”

It’s THE scene from chapter 28 of Hauntingly by @obsidianpen
I absolutely adore this fic~ Hope y’all like it.

At age 15 Jack Morrison was the youngest person on his high school wrestling team.

At age 16 he set new records in both track and swimming.

At age 18 he entered ROTC and left home to attend college.

At age 22 he graduated with honors and became an officer of the US Army.

At age 25 he volunteered for the experimental Super Soldier program and recieved biotic enhancement to his strength, speed, and reflexes.

At age 30 he served with distinction in the Omnic Crisis.

At age 32 he was tapped to become leader of Overwatch, a multinational peacekeeping task force.

At age 50 he survived an attempted coup of Overwatch instigated by the mysterious Talon Organization, led by his close compatriot Gabriel Reyes.  Having escaped the destruction of Overwatch’s HQ, he faked his death and went into hiding.

At age 51 he began acting as a rogue agent, identified only as ‘Soldier 76′ as he began attacking key points held by the Talon Organization and their affiliates in a one-man campaign to uncover the truth behind the fall of Overwatch.

At age 55 during a firefight in Greece, he was pushed off a cliff by a 19-year-old pro gamer who’d been given an advanced combat mech by the Korean government.

“Winky faaaaaaaaaace!” she called out as he fell to his death.

A Dan and Phil / Harry Potter AU, of course.
(They’re probably cracking up over something the teacher said. idunno.)

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Genji: If I were there I would have convinced the Dragon to just give the gold back!
Hanzo: Genji, this is not like our Dragons…This is evil, you can’t just domesticate it!
Genji: NAH! I can tame any Dragon!

Or: Hanzo reading The Hobbit with Genji and trying to explain him the difference between Smaug and the Shimada Dragons

And this is how to make me cry over my own stuff at 5am

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“That strange boy came in with an armful of chickens. You’re looking after him, right?“

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