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1. Russell finds the sound of a ticking clock or watch soothing. He has a watch near his bed for this reason.

2. Unbeknownst to Russell when he was younger, his mother dyed her hair black, she’s actually a natural blonde herself. Which is why him being blonde was considered a mystery for a while by his brothers. They all assumed it was his father (his father is also a brunette). They still called him Custard even after they found out.

3. Even though his death by getting hit by a train was on purpose, he still feels a little bit uneasy whenever he’s near a station or a track. For some reason, which he guesses is psychological, the scars on his back start tingling and aching whenever he’s near them.

4. He literally signed up for BLU days before his eighteen birthday, justifying that he would be old enough soon. They allowed it. He was shipped out to Freight a couple of weeks later.

5. He likes plaid, but he doesn’t enough to wear any plaid. He doesn’t think he can pull it off.

6. He needs to get more iron in his diet. He is very aware of this.

7. He often resorts to breathing deeply when he needs to calm down or keep his nerve.

8. He is currently thinking of getting another cat, mainly so it can keep Misty company while he’s working or he’s away from his dorm and she can’t go with him.

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WHEN U HEAR SOMEONE TALKIN SHT ABT UR LEADER [aka. mfw shujin students still gossiping 6 months into the school year mfff 🔥🔥🔥)

basically the guys’ days out turns in2 akira babysitting sessions… again

@babsxxxx: Okay soo a harry hook x reader idea for you: the reader grew up in the isle but is helping mal with saving Ben. She knew Harry from when she was growing up but hasn’t seen him in ages but he is mad at her for leaving him behind…. so yeah put your own spin on it and make is as angsty and fluffy as you can!

OK, so I may have gone a smidge overboard with this one, but I really like it. So, enjoy!

Word Count: 4336

There was a knock at your door.

You looked up, frowning for a moment, before taking this as an excuse to put off doing the homework for Fairy Godmother’s class. Getting up from your desk, you wandered over to your door to open it.


Sure enough, there she was.

“Y/N, we need to talk,” Mal said, pushing through into your dorm room.

You were still a little thrown from her sudden appearance. “I thought you’d gone back to the Isle? And your hair…you went back to purple?”

Mal waved a hand to cut you off. “We don’t have time for questions right now. I need your help.”

That definitely caught your attention. “What? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Ben’s been kidnapped,” Mal stated, her voice low. You’d never heard her sound so emotional, so sincere.

You blinked. “That’s horrible…but why do you need me? Shouldn’t we go to Fairy Godmother or Ben’s parents or–”

“Uma and her crew took him,” Mal revealed.

Oh. Everything clicked into place.


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