Roman Holiday

This is short and sweet but I hope you like it anyway :)


“Shaaaaawn cooome oooon I wanna go to the ruins” I whined whilst tugging his hand and pulling him towards the entrance.

“Babe chill they’ve been there for thousands of years we don’t have to sprint up the mountain” he replied with a chuckle and a kiss on my head. Clearly noticing that I wasn’t going to give up on my relentless begging, Shawn took my hand and we started to make our way towards the first temple.

We were currently in Agrigento, Sicily for a quick escape from everyday life. Shawn had a few days break in his tour schedule and I had a break from school so we decided to get away so we could spend as many moments uninterrupted as possible. As a small island, Sicily seemed like a good place to retreat and my love of archaeology drew us to the Ancient Greek ruins that still stood in Agrigento.

As we reached the first temple, one which was dedicated to the goddess Hera and where marriages frequently took place we stood back to admire the grandeur in front of us. The temple had been destroyed by the Byzantines whilst they ruled as it was deemed a pagan symbol but the majority of the temple still stood.

“Would you like to know something interesting?” I asked Shawn as we stood admiring the ruin. Not giving him the chance to respond I carried on. “the saying tie the knot comes from the ceremony that would take place here where the groom would tie a gold belt around his bride”

“That is interesting” he replied, once again placing a kiss on my forehead. “I love all the random knowledge that floats around your brain”

We were silent for quite some time then before Shawn spoke again. “Y/n, one day, we’re going to come back here and I’m going to propose to you right here on this spot”

“Why this exact spot?”

“Because in this moment, with no interruptions and all this history and your beautiful, random brain, I’ve never loved you more” he confessed causing my breath to catch in my throat slightly. Not quite knowing how to respond to something as honest and heartfelt as that I said the only thing that came close.

“I love you” I whispered as I stood on my tiptoes to give him a lingering kiss.

“Do you have faith that I mean every word of that?” He asked, sounding almost scared.

“I have faith in it as I have faith in relations between people” I responded causing Shawn to laugh at the movie reference.

“You can’t quote Roman Holiday when we’re in Sicily” he giggled.

“Well when Audrey Hepburn makes a film called Sicilian Holiday I’ll quote that one but until then you can stop being the movie quote police” I retorted whilst sending him a smile. We stood for a moment longer simply smiling at each other and it was perfect in its simplicity. Then, we intertwined our fingers and continued our walk on to the next temple: the temple dedicated to Hercules.

“Would you like to know another fact?” I asked as we walked.

“Don’t I always, babe?”


I’m half Sicilian and I’m here over the summer visiting family so that’s what inspired me to write this. That plus my love of archaeology and Roman Holiday (the Audrey Hepburn film and the Halsey song)

I know this is short but I really really hope you like it as much as I do and feedback is ALWAYS welcome :)


Eraclea Minoa - Agrigento

La percezione di un chiassoso silenzio.

Se tu fossi un pittore mi capiresti perché quello che per gli altri è lo stare zitti sdraiati sulla sabbia, per noi che vediamo trame sottili a cui nessuno fa caso, diventa tutto un vociare, un chiassoso silenzio che non osiamo zittire o non ascoltare. Prendi questo blu cobalto che è il mare che grida la sua infinita grandezza contro un cielo azzurro oltremarino, un palcoscenico di nuvole candide e gabbiani spazzini in cui il Sole canta, grida, urla tutto il suo fuoco infinito. Il mare dicevo, in estensione indomita di onde e lampi di schiuma, che fa da sottofondo al vento che agita continuamente alberi e sabbia, fa danzare bicchieri di carta abbandonati, sposta la sabbia leggera a ricoprire buche ed orme, un continuo tenue fruscio di sottofondo a quanto chiamiamo silenzio, mentre in realtà è una sinfonia continua che non riusciamo a non ascoltare. Le voci lontane di bambini che giocano, il suono di una macchina, un elicottero che passa una radio che canta, qualcuno che parla al cellulare, i suoni riempiono la spiaggia come l’acqua che filtra nella sabbia. Poi ci sei tu, un canto carnale minore, le spalle lucide d’abbronzante, i fianchi stretti adagiati nella sabbia calda come desiderio, i capelli che danzano nel vento, le gambe bianche colore del promontorio adagiato immerso nell’azzurro celeste e marino che ascolta immobile questa insana orchestra di un giorno di luglio qualsiasi, su questa spiaggia di Eraclea.

The perception of a loud silence.

If you are a painter, you would understand me, because what is left for the rest of the people lined on the sand, for us who see subtle plots to which nobody makes a case, it becomes a whirling silence that we do not want to silence, or not to hear. Take this cobalt blue that is the sea that shouts its infinite magnitude against an overseas blue sky, a stage of white clouds and seagulls in which the Sun sings, shouts, screams all its infinite fire. The sea I said, with indefatigable extension of waves and foam puddles, which is the background of the wind that continually shakes trees and sand, it makes dancing abandoned paper glasses, moves light sand to cover holes and footsteps, a continuous soft rusty background that we call silence, while in reality it is a continuous symphony that we can not stop to hear. The distant voices of children playing, the sound of a car, a helicopter passing a radio singing, someone talking on the cellphone, the sounds fill the beach like the water that filters in the sand. Then there are you, a little carnal song, shiny tanned shoulders, tight hips lying in the sand hot as a desire, hair dancing in the wind, the white colored legs like the bustling promontory immersed in the blue of the sky and sea  which listening this insane orchestra of an ordinary July day, on this beach of Eraclea Minoa.


Look at there, all the flying boats…La Tabaccara, Lampedusa - Sicily.
Don’t miss this island in summer.

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