the aggressive shoe salesperson

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Victuuri interacting
  • Victor: hey, how's my student? How's your Eros coming along? Still imagining that you're katsudon
  • Yuri to himself: okay act natural, please don't embarrass yourself in front of your idol,you can do this!
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: sure
  • Yuri: !!!
  • Victor: ;)
  • Yuri: *faints*
  • Victor: *puts hands on mouth* oh my

La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoes: What makes this awesome:

Any owner of the Miura VS can attest: this high performance, versatile, edging master of a climbing shoe, might very well turn you into La Sportiva’s biggest fan.

This younger, more aggressive sibling of the Miura Lace, takes your bouldering and technical climbing to the next level. With unprecedented precision, you can torque your toes and smear with ease up anything from the steep overhung burlfests of the Red River Gorge to the the slabtastic climbs found in the beauty of Tuolomne.

And for boulderers, you’ll appreciate the offset asymmetrical toe box that lets you channel more power under your big toe, as well as the downturned structure bolstered by the P3® platform—without suffering the painful consequences of more overtly aggressive shoes. And while we’re on the topic of comfort, the velcro straps provide easy on-and-off convenience that allow you to fit your foot as snug as you desire, and the padded tongue protects your ankles from overwear aggrevation after a long day of climbing.

While keeping some of the key design innovations of the ever-popular Miura, La Sportiva’s Miura VS suits those who seek to gain more control and precision in technical climbing, while still maintaining a high level of versatiity to send on any terrain.

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We are proud to announce a new special model exclusively for us at Double Monk: the Melbourne double monk in black by Crockett & Jones.

An unblemished, round toe cap gives this shoe a clean and versatile appearance. Perfect for wear with a suit in the office or in a more relaxed environment where a less aggressive last allows the shoe to be worn in place of something such as a black chelsea boot, which many Australians find comfortably moves between the boardroom and the barbecue.