thinking about jojolion instead of finishing a research paper 

              For me, the immovability of time and the limitations of my abilities to alter or succeed against it have become a mantra for my movement through life. With each week, I experience a soft reset of time in which my schedule dates itself back to the beginning of the week’s structure. Within that week, I have windows of time to complete all of the various tasks that need doing. However, as in Majora’s Mask, the openness I experience is based off of my objective relationship to time. This is why I’m drawn to the openness of Majora’s Mask; it invites a possibility not existent in our realm: the mastery of time. 

              I am fascinated by the world of Termina in Majora’s Mask because the world and its inhabitants are always moving. And with each of their movements forward through time, they come closer to their own destruction. It is a lesson to be learned in balance and awareness. The people of Termina face the prospect of annihilation because the busyness of their lives prevents them from seeing their oncoming destruction: the progression of the moon. They are entrained to move forward without looking back. I sympathize with the blind progression of life; reflection threatens stasis. Termina stands largely as an omen to the fate of humanity if we can’t take reign of slowing down. Productivity is insidious because it convinces us that it has the highest priority over all other aspects of our lives: if we’re not moving forward than we’re falling back. Allowing that forwardness to rule can feel easier than taking a step back. But as the story of Termina reveals, consistent forward direction is bound for an inevitable collision. If we cannot become aware of our movement in time, than we are destined to miss out on the happiness and fulfillment we receive by relapsing into our former patterns.

this is my shelf in the living room its where i keep all of my prized posessions. most of them are things my sister bought me (bless her)

i got the pride flag at the huge march in seattle the day after gay marriage was legalized in the us.

not pictured: another su poster and a huge amazing print of stevonnie. my sister is constantly buying me stuff shes the best but im running out of Space

also.. just a fun fact… this is directly in front of the window to my apartment so everyone can see How Gay I Am