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Words: 11,150

At the Playground, Jemma tries to free Fitz from his demons.

In space, Fitz tries to find a way free them both.

Together, they will have to find their way back to each other before they can find their way home.

Sometimes, he’ll catch a glimpse of her in the hallway. It’ll be the flip of her ponytail as she rounds the corner, or the flash of her pale wrist as she reaches for the food tray. He tells himself he can’t know that it’s her in the same moment he’s sure that it is. It probably shouldn’t surprise him that he knows her that well, but maybe it’s seeing her at all that’s the surprise. He hasn’t seen any sign of Coulson, May, Elena, or Mack; Daisy, who has been of special use to the captain, is occasionally marched by him so fast that he never has time to react. So by what luck has he managed to be closest to her? Anyone with sense would know to separate them.

That’s the conclusion he’s come to in his weeks of semi-isolation. The times when he and Jemma were apart were always when things got to their worst. What Ward and Hive did on accident, AIDA (it’s name is AIDA) did on purpose. It must have been the first thing AIDA saw when she—it—scanned his brain, written in big letters across his neocortex: I AM NOTHING WITHOUT HER. The android would have had to look deeper to see that it is both the truth and an oversimplification: he has been many things without her—angry, resentful, misguided, impulsive—but he has never been strong. He is not strong now.

If he was strong, he would have the courage to seek after her. She has, after all, made it clear where she stands. He’s only come this far out of his own guilt because of her insistence that he is not to blame—in seeking to understand why she sees it that way, he has started to see it himself.

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Conclusion: Apparently, I like smart, badass women and tormented men with a splash of unrequited love and self-sacrifice?

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AOS Season 5 Wishlist
  • more Agent Piper
  • Fitzsimmons gets a break
  • REAL Philinda finally kiss
  • Mack and Elena having a good time with Hope
  • Daisy being an inspiration
  • Talbot actually listening to Coulson for once

When Ming-Na Wen and Brett Dalton aren’t playing elite operatives on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they’re playing… secret agents on Disney XD’s Milo Murphy’s Law!


“So, how long have you two been together? Is it official? Am I making this awkward?”


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 - VFX Reel

why fitz’s crying studio ghibli-esque tears, im not sure. i think its because i have three different tests tomorrow and also an ap test in like 5 days that i’m not too ready for. or maybe it”s because he finally remembered jemma. yeah, that makes more sense. (this whole framework thing is breaking my heart every week i tell ya)