Why I love Leopold James Fitz (feat. Iain) … 

- as a character he’s grown so much since he began in season 1 as a shy boy who was just trying to impress Skye and he relied on Jemma a lot and throughout the seasons you can see just how much he’s grown
- he’s so much more independent now and is willing to fight for what he wants
- he loves Jemma Anne Simmons with his life. He risked his life for her after confessing what has probably been on his mind for ever and he wasn’t afraid because he knew he was saving her - not only that but after everything he recovered from brain damage and learnt how to be okay around Jemma
- he loves the rest of the team. he cares for Skye/Daisy/Quake, for mack, for coulson and may … he’ll do anything to keep them all safe
- iain, as an actor, doesn’t even enjoy the whole fame thing, he just loves his job and his character
- he’s a science nerd and totally embraces it and you can see how happy he is when he’s sciencing
- he doesn’t feel like he’s enough (especially for Jemma) when he is, but he’s selfless
- will put everyone else’s needs before his
- is the most perfect boyfriend anyone could ever ask for
- hot damn!
- him and jemma have gone through the worst possible things yet are going to pull through like they always do
- such a cutie!

20 Questions Meme

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  • name: I like to keep my name to myself 
  • nickname: I only really have a family nickname which I also am going ot keep to myself
  • zodiac sign: Pisces
  • height: 6′1″ - 6′2″ (depends on my posture and my shoes)
  • orientation: Leaning towards straight
  • ethnicity: Caucasian
  • favourite fruit: Bananas
  • favourite season: Fall
  • favourite book series: Harry Potter
  • favourite flower: Um…a rose, I guess? 
  • favourite scent: My mother’s baking downstairs  
  • favourite colour: Blue or red, depending on the day
  • coffee, tea or cocoa: Cocoa 
  • average sleep hours: Eight I think. For now.
  • cat or dog person: Dog.
  • favourite fictional characters: Wow, they really should’ve put a limit on this. I’ll just go with the first ten I think of (in no particular order).
    • Tara Maclay (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)
    • Marty McFly (Back to the Future)
    • Daisy Johnson (“Agents of SHIELD”)
    • Evelyn O’Connell (The Mummy)
    • Mulan (Mulan)
    • Clara Oswald (“Doctor Who”)
    • Diana/Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe)
    • Rosa Diaz (“Brooklyn Nine Nine”)
    • Chandler Bing (“Friends”)
    • Rey (Star Wars)
  • number of blankets you sleep with: Like two or three
  • dream trip: Hmmm, England probably. Almost anywhere overseas would be very cool. 
  • blog created: July 2012
  • number of followers: More than I expected.

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Synopsis: Fitz is a jazz pianist hung up on keeping old traditions alive. Jemma wants to make it as an actress in Los Angeles, but wonders if all the pain along the way is worth it. When their paths cross unexpectedly, they’ll form a connection that will inspire them to strive for their dreams.

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iii. a touch

They handled the distance pretty well in the beginning.

Jemma was usually the optimistic one, and it seemed that just hearing the other’s voice on the other end of the line was enough to get them through the separation. But she missed his warmth, his touch, and his smile – the smile that told her to keep going, to not let anyone take her for granted, to love herself most importantly.

But then nightly calls turned into missed calls in different time zones. And talking for hours turned into calls cut short, a string of I miss you’s sounding more and more routine each time they fell off her tongue. They were supposed to be together, side by side, but now the word together sounded too foreign a concept. Because he wasn’t there.

He missed her call. He missed her text.

And then he missed her play.

It was a conflict of scheduling. He got the dates mixed up for a photo shoot with a famous photographer: an event he couldn’t miss. His name was signed on the dotted line, so there was nothing he could do.

Only seven people showed up to her play – her old roommates and a few strangers, but not him.

The phone call that night was longer than usual, but it was filled with more silence than anything else – heavy sighs and choked words. He was the first to break, with Jemma quickly following after. It took everything in her to plead with him that they would fix this, that they would make this work. But she was tired, so she ended the call.  

For Jemma, their relationship was never a fantasy, even if sometimes it felt like they were soaring through space. But now those moments occurred less and less, and suddenly she couldn’t remember how she even learned to fly.

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Edwin Jarvis: Peggy no!

Peggy: Peggy yes!

Almost every guy ever: PEGGY NO

Peggy: Screw you! PeGGY YES!!

Steve Rogers: Peggy Yes!!!!!

Peggy: PEG-

Peggy: oh.

Peggy: Ooh I like him

honestly i totally get shipping becuase it’s fun and emotional and important to people 

but what i don’t get is shipper wars?? or shipper hate?? like pls keep fandoms a positive space thx bye

Steve: *sneezes*

*theres suddenly a creaking noise above Cap’s head*

Steve: what the?-

Clint: *whispers from inside the vents* God Bless America