Space Shindig

The ride out was uneventful, to say the least, out on the Quin-Jet. The Helicarrier, however, from the sounds of it, had a helluva time with the incoming Jedi in their ship, though. She’d have paid to see the looks on the bridge techs’ faces and even those who’d been on the flight deck when that fly-by happened. When they landed in Nebraska, she kicked up her pack and slung it over one shoulder. She didn’t like being unprepared. Being unprepared left her in a bad state, brought bad luck. So supplies and emergency kits were packed away. Along with extra ammo. And okay, maybe a grenade or two. Because reasons. 

Well, and refusing to be unprepared. Bad things happened, circle of life. She dropped her pack on the tarmac and began rifling through her extra provisions. It never hurt anyone to have extra things, now did it? She finished through her inventory, once again satisfied. She noticed how the others had scattered. Thera was picking up a few things from the ground. Rocks, most likely. The jar of dirt thing had made her giggle for a few moments, but she knew there was a serious undertone to the joke. She’d keep an eye out for her. 

Then the moment of truth arrived, and the ship came hurtling into view. It wasn’t what she expected, but then again, breaking down a fourth wall? Also not expected. Funny as hell though. She knew she’d have to keep herself in check from being a complete asshole with the jokes. Because she would be if she didn’t. Her tail twitched as the ship landed, the ramp lowered, and two figures came down. Cue the greetings, and the niceties all around. Everyone gathered and the introductions began. Lupin gave a mock salute and a nod when their eyes landed on her. “Cap'n Ferus. I’d say ‘at your service’, but I can’t, I’m at SHIELD’s. But I can help whenever you might need it.” She paused. “Eh, maybe only when it’s convenient. Like if I can get a pup-sitter. Or if I’m not eating. Or sleeping. You get the picture." 

She grinned then, being sure not to show off the fangs. Fangs didn’t always sit well with other people. Law of the jungle seemed to dictate that too much in the social world. 

Monday Menu
  • Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage, Bacon, Eggs-how-you-like-‘em, fruit salad
  • Lunch:  Thai!  Chicken Satay, Vegetarian Kari Puf, Som Tam Salad, Tom Kha Gai Soup (Shrimp or Chicken), Pad Thai and Pad See Ew.  Sticky Rice and Mango for dessert.
  • Supper:  Chinese!  Crispy Egg Rolls, Sesame Cold Noodle Salad, Hot and Sour Soup, Egg Drop Soup, Crispy Beef, General Tso’s Chicken, Pork Lo Mein, Steak with Green Peppers.  Choice of Fried or White Rice.  Honeyed Mandarin Oranges for dessert, plus a Fortune Cookie. 
A Visit to Zingari

::The door to the ExoArmored Division area requires a code or biometric reader (alastor uses biometric data) or you can buzz in. Hazel probably has a code since FSD delivers food to him. Inside that door is a bit of an airlock room, straight ahead is the armor and off to the left is his office. Actually thought his office through because I was gonna get a picture of it drawn. It’s a nice wooden desk with the SHIELD logo is on the front of it. On the wall behind him is a wall rack of weapons. Guns as you might guess, and he has a nice bankers lamp. and some chairs for visitors::

Hazel:  ::scans in and enters the corridor:: Agent Zingari, it’s Chef… ::she walked down the hall and peeked in the office:: Alastor?

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Blood Moon (Closed RP)

The full moon was that night. Lupin was always loathe to be away from her pup during those nights. She wished she could bring her pup with her, but you never take one out on a hunt. There was also another reason her nerves were all cranked up to eleven on the jittery scale. She was already at the hangar bay, a pack by her feet, looking ragged and worn, but the material showed years of use and care. Clothes, a few energy bars, chocolate coffee candies, a couple water bottles and her extra steel toe boots were all stuffed inside it. It would remain in the Quinjet while she was out. A group of flight maintenance crew cast her curious glances. Her foot jiggled up and down, tail swaying impatiently. When Lupin’s nerves were shot, she got impatient. It was just one of those tics of hers.

Her ears swiveled and honed to the sound of familiar stride of Zingari. Listening to how a person traipsed about was almost as reliable for her as recognizing someone’s voice. She swiveled her head to see him closing the gap between them, a pack of his own slung over his shoulder. She tried to see the positive in the situation. She had a chance to make a demographic change, however minute, in the werewolf population. To keep one in check, to keep one from hurting others. She had to struggle for over a year with that change in herself, to become self-aware so she wouldn’t harm anyone.

She understood the positive, there wasn’t any doubt on her end about it. She was just hesitant to embrace it at the moment.

Cake Bake Time

So the cravings weren’t going away. The weekend passed. Lupin remained lazy. She still craved it. It didn’t really go away after finishing up paperwork–those pranks didn’t pull themselves, and those fires certainly didn’t put themselves out–and taking care of not only three cats, a snake, a baby croc, but also her own pup. It was a full time job outside of her job. Really. It was. 

But, dammit, she was still craving some cake. She was rather picky on her flavors, but that didn’t matter. She wanted baked, sugary goodness with some frosting. Not too much. That’s why she pounced on the call offer from Alistor to go bake some cakes. It would definitely get her off her laziness kick. 

Time to make some delicious sugary goodness. 

Flip the Switch

The days were starting to blur together. That wasn’t really good, considering she’s had little to no work to do, and the same went for her paperwork–she was all caught up. The only break in the monotony was going to the gym and constructing new pranks. And at the moment, she felt little inspiration for even those last two. She finally had to force herself to do the former. Her body was getting stiff and unyielding and that fear of immobility for an undetermined amount of time was less desirable than boredom. 

Shouldering her gym bag, she gave her quarters a quick glance. It was quiet without her pup. Her mother had insisted on keeping Quorra for a few weeks to give her time to get back up to par, to focus on getting everything better. She didn’t necessarily agree with her mother, but…she understood well enough. 

She turned for the door and left, made for the elevator so she could hit the gym. A list of exercises was already rolling through her head. Upper body first, core second, legs last. Hit everything for the next two or so hours, try to hit more numbers than the last go-about… 

Her ears twitched as she paused in front of the elevator door, waiting for it to open. Her tail quivered slightly when it dinged pleasantly and she was already prepared to step inside. She stopped herself on the spot at the familiar face that was already inside it and she hesitated getting on. 

M!Anon "Fuck Me"

((OOC: As stated in the title, part of the “Fuck Me” M!Anon thingy I posted a while back. The following was posted from Agent Zingari/KahnIceay. I applaud you, dear sir. Also, I have no shame in posting this.))

First of all let’s drop that F word from the equation shall we? What’s going to happen here is a tad bit more shall we say, sensual. First things first, a fire must be lit to burn.I would begin by kissing you on the back of your neck as we work to get rid of those troublesome clothes that are in the way. I would take every opportunity to press lips to skin as I go about removing shirt and pants, after all, there’s no rush.

When clothes are no longer an issue I would lay you back and begin my journey. Neck, shoulder, chest, breasts, stomach, every inch and opportunity I would take to caress you with kiss or finger tip, a long sensual journey as I make my way south.

I would not tease, for that would be a cruel thing, no instead I would simply begin. Lips, tongue, fingers, all would be my tools as I navigate you, driving you towards nirvana.

And then, only when I feel that you are close would I take you in earnest. A slow steady rhythm with the sole purpose of pushing you over that edge into a sea of ecstasy. Then, when we both lay spent I would hold you close and kiss the back of your neck, ending our journey as it began, with a simple act of intimacy.

A steel panel slipped out of place revealing a number pad and biometric scanner. The access code was simple to remember, for him any way and the jab from the biometric scanner, while always a bother, was over quickly.

~Zingari, Alastor Eugene. Acting Director, Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division, Exo-Armored Division, Security Level Six, Access Granted~

The large metal door next to the panel hissed and slid to the side. Stepping inside the door slid shut behind him as lights began switching on. The room was a playroom for technophiles, from soldering irons to arc-welders, equipment for creating crystallographic databases, computer hardware that would make any gamer weak in the knees, and enough weaponry to start a few wars in some third world countries. None of that was of importance at the moment, what was, was a twelve foot tall angular pod that looked like some sort of orbital insertion device you might see in a Science Fiction film or game.

~Welcome back Agent Zingari. How may I be of assistance?~ The voice echoed faintly in the otherwise empty room from speakers stationed about and Alastor’s own earpiece. “Activate the suit ALICE. Authorization Nine Five Zeta Delta Kappa, full combat scenario.” The pod shuddered and hissed as the front split down the center and butterflied open. The suit inside opened as well, the back separating in key locations to give the Agent a point of entry.

~Shall I load the secondary armament sir?” Alastor nodded as he pulled off his uniform and tossed it onto and empty table. “Yeah, air-burst rounds, probably going to be swatting flies.” He stepped up to the suit and took a deep breath slid his arms into the suit and stepped in himself. There was a series of whines and clicks as mechanisms pulled the suit closed around him.

It was a disconcerting sensation, like having a tomb sealed around you, and for a moment it left him in pitch darkness with nothing but his own breathing ringing in his ears, then it came to life.


A.L.I.C.E. OS Ver. 675A32.8

SHIELD Exo Suit Mark-I Variable Threat Engagement Suit


ARC Reactor Online

Sensors and Environmental Controls Online

Weapons and Electronic Counter Measures Online

All Systems Online

The HUD around him sprang to life, detailed information about the environment around him beyond the walls a wire form of room and beyond, the equipment scattered around him, Agents moving about on their business in the hallways behind, everything was visible to him. Then came a momentary jolt of electricity as the suit made contact with the ‘circuit suit’ he wore under his uniform, an unrequired but useful device to aid him in piloting the suit.

~User control established~ Alastor flexed his shoulder, and felt the servos of the suit spring to life to match the motion so fast it was like it was part of him. He moved his fingers, then both arms, and when he was satisfied he took a step back out of the storage pod into the Armory. The HUD shifted to standard navigation, a top down map of the local area on the Helicarrier appeared in the lower left corner.

He turned and headed to a recess in the wall, which slid open to reveal a large, reinforced elevator as he approached. “Agent Hill, this is Zingari. I’m suited up and about to head up to the flight deck. Sorry it took so long but I was on the other end of the Helicarrier. I’ll be on standby if something happens. Keep me in the loop.” The door of the elevator slid shut and the whole unit shuttered as it began its ascent through the Helicarrier leaving Alastor alone for a moment with nothing but his memories of the Skrull invasion, and the soft hum of his suits reactor.


I blame Agent Zingari for this. :P

[OOC: Prompt from ZingariMun. :D]

Full moon’s coming up soon. Haven’t been hunting with Zingari since…well, a few months, actually. I feel a bit guilty, leaving him hanging like that. He’s only a couple months into this gun show, so to speak, with being a werewolf and here I am, being a shitty Sire. I need to get my shit straight…

Still amazed at how quickly he learned how to control himself. I haven’t heard of a new werewolf able to do that. They usually just…go crazy. I don’t even remember my first few months. Just…vague recollections. Sensations. Feelings. 

Must be because of him being a mutant. Something must’ve triggered. I guess that’s a good thing, in the long run. Maybe this upcoming full moon, we can get another hunt in together. It gets lonely sometimes being alone like that. Unless he’d prefer that, then maybe…maybe I won’t bother him too much about it… 

I’ll get with him about it later while I’m on the Helicarrier, catching up on the rest of my paperwork. 

— agentzingari


24 June 2013

Was asked to do a sparring session with Zingari again. First time since…well…the last one. The incident. I was…really apprehensive to agree to it, but…I was curious to see how far he’d been coming along. Dunno if the lycanthropy made him faster, but he was a lot quicker than last time. Guess I can’t really brag about being quick on my feet anymore. Damn. He’s getting better about managing that temper werewolves tend to have, though. That’s good. Can’t have him ripping new agents apart on small stupid things. I nearly did with one of my boots a few years ago when they wouldn’t stop badgering me about this and that. Don’t remember what it was about, either. I think he’s still in therapy. Jesus, people really are right about me. I’m really not a nice person, doesn’t matter what anyone says about me. 

Anyway, glad to see how he’s progressing. Almost as quick as me, maybe even quicker. Definitely a lot stronger than I am, but uh, I ain’t admitting that aloud. Got a rep to uphold, after all. 

anonymous asked:

*The head cultist approaches you* My Lady, the full moon approaches, will you join us in the woods? To let the beast withing run wild and free?

“No. No, no, no, no. No one else hunts with me. You wouldn’t keep up, and you’d get in the way. This ‘beast’ hunts alone. Unless its with Alastor, then that’s one of the very few exceptions." 

Lupin paused, snarl on her face softening, ears flaring back and she groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose with one hand, the other on her hip. 

"But…if you really want to go…hunting…make sure you have a license, you go through proper channels and you’re registered. If you get caught and arrested, I ain’t responsible. Just…don’t get caught, all right?" 

•3• Music Meme for Agent Zingari

[OOC: Songs used: She’s Gotta Be (Keith Urban); Brothers Under the Sun (Bryan Adams, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron OST); Moonlight Shadow (Italobrothers); High Five (Big & Rich); Evolution (Korn)]

So much for never making the same mistake
I had a dream of the wide open prairie
The last that she ever saw of him
Run, and I will run with you
I’m diggin’ with my fingertips

❀ Lyrics Meme for Agent Zingari

[OOC: Because he can’t send asks, this is for Agent Zingari, the lyrics meme. This will be for both Main ‘Verse and AU 'Verse. I’m sure most can guess what kind of 'Verse the AU one is. XD]

I’m not calling for a second chance,
I’m screaming at the top of my voice.
Give me reason but don’t give me choice.
'Cause I’ll just make the same mistake again.

Same Mistake by James Blunt

I know the memories are rushing into mind
I wanna kiss your scars tonight, baby
'Cause you gotta try
You gotta let me in
Let me in

Heartbeat by The Fray